Tea Time and great company

tea time

I enjoy catching up with friends, whether they be long-lost or friends I haven't seen in awhile. 

Last month, I caught up with a friend/mentee in the city with her good friend and host, who just so happened to have the English pronunciation of my name. 

My mentee is a scorpio who was visiting the city at the time and I was blessed to finally see her (in the flesh....we Skype) after two point five years! We decided to have breakfast in a place that didn't seem to have a laissez-faire attitude but at the same time not too snobbish. We thus focused on the upper-west side and agreed on Alice's Tea Cup (Chapter I)

The scorpio and I are one month in birthday celebration, and four years apart in birth. I like my tea, and she likes her ...drink, from time to time. To start off, I stepped out of my comfort zone and decided on hot coco, and for the mentee, a cup of tea.

Hot coco

The two ladies are becoming accustomed to college life...and that includes food. I was able to see the scorpio and her companion over fall break; they departed the next day for classes. One is not a fan of cantaloupe and the other honeydew. This goes without say but when one steps out of the college-food-box, everything suddenly tastes amazing.

Scorpio ordered some pancakes, potatoes and bacon (that came latter) while Rachel and Raè ordered some crêpes! 

breakfast of a scorpio
crepes 2

The food was great and I must add the scenery was pretty comforting. It was the morning time and seated where families with young kids and friends chatting over tea. Before setting foot inside, however, your party must be completed- the scorpio was tardy and left me outside in the cold; but her company is always-almost-noramlly and pleasure...I digress. Though, along with being a restaurant, the setting is a tea shop. Before being seated in the dinning area, you are introduced to a small-comfy tea shop selling to you tea pots, tea bags and tea cups. The aroma is complemented with encouraging-story-quotes from Alice's Wonderland painted on the walls; story and tea tie in...nothing is dull.

The setting, food and conversation landed a ten for the scorpio, her friend and I. It was great catching up with her (she has interesting stories along with whimsical ways of handling them...if you know a scorpio or three, you know what I mean) and meeting her friend. Nevertheless, it was indeed a pleasure. 

If in the Upper West side with some free time with company, whether it be by yourself or with a companion,  be sure to stop by Alice's Tea Shop Chapter I, or Chapter II if you so happen to be on the Upper East!

Stay well and blessed.