'Fall'-ing into winter treats (see what I did there...)

Now that fall has graciously left us, I cannot help but try to hold fast to the short lived season. Mind you, it has just gotten cold here in the city, and its been on an on-and-off switch lately; 60 degrees today and 30 degrees tomorrow. But, with Bath & Body Works early transition from fall to winter scents and the snowflake window-watermarks on the window of every household, its safe to say society has declared the death of fall 2015 since the thirtieth of November. 

A pity...I know. 

Still, I can not help but reminisce on my favorite treats and thrills this past season. This post is tardy, I know but with the "where-is-winter" attitude, I feel as though if this month were not December, it may as well continue to be November. So with that said, I love these pleasures so much I'm recycling them for the winter (sue me). I have quite the number but I will give my top five in no particular order.


After lusting over Ample Hills apple cider sorbet, I was caught in a short dilemma one day to treat myself only to find out there were no more that day. So I was introduced to something equally (in its own way of course) as great..."Caught In the Rain"

piña colada sorbet. organic pineapple juice, organic coconut milk, and just a splash of rum. It tortures me to reminisce of this NOW because like many of you out there, I am ill.

piña colada sorbet. organic pineapple juice, organic coconut milk, and just a splash of rum. It tortures me to reminisce of this NOW because like many of you out there, I am ill.


It won't keep me warm but I am too in love with it to just have it hang in the closet. I bought this jacket awhile ago from H&M during some sale, click here to check it out online. I am in no way a fashionista, but the jacket brings a good percentage of my casual outfits together and it's really cute!

whole jacket

whole jacket

shoulder details

shoulder details

neck details


I may be late to the show, but I worry not. I read this book cover to cover in the shortest amount of time simply because it is that good. Mind Kaling's Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? is a spectacular read and if you are like me, you won't have any trouble finishing this book in no time. Many times I found myself three, four even five stops past my stop on the train because it's that good. Kaling wrote another book which I am at the moment enjoying.

amazon.com (order one! You'll be happy you did!)

amazon.com (order one! You'll be happy you did!)

4. TEA

Peach Tranquility tea! This tea is what I look forward to when I just want to relax. I tried it first on a treat-trip to Starbucks. Made by none other than Teavana every taste, literally, has a floral taste complimenting a natural peachy taste. This is definitely staying in my favorites as we move into the New Year. 


O'Pro Leave-In Conditioner. I cam across this while shopping for Christmas gifts in Marshalls. It has all the essential oils I tend to magnitude towards, so I thought I give it a go...and I am so glad I did. As the degrees decrease, I try my best to protect my hair as much as possible; that includes leave-ins, moisturizers, and oils to seal in the product so that the whether does not strip my hair into becoming dry. It's pretty inexpensive and for my short-haired ladies, a little goes a long way.


These aren't much but I cannot express how much I am loving these treats. Check out Marshalls, Starbucks, H&M, Barnes&Noble and Ample Hills if you are curious in trying any of the five. I doubt I'll be leaving these items anytime soon. 

Enjoy and I will see you soon!...I promise ;)