It's been real real

I'm one of those people who tend to sit and think... a lot. 

Just the other day my mum and I sat discussing this past year. It's crazy to come to the realization that we will soon be stepping foot into 2016. What a joy-sad-intresting ride 2015 has been. I have grown so much in sprit, in thought, and in pounds (let's be real). I graduated, laughed, cried, pity-partied, cut the pity-party and am still learning more about me along the way. I am simply grateful for the many blessings and lessons 2015 has offered. Here, I list my 'greats' for 2015.

1. Graduation

mummy et moi.jpg

Graduating this year felt so great. A sentiment of accomplishment floods when I reflect and say I spent four years in university and did everything I had set out to do- study abroad, become fluent in another language, visit family abroad, write a thesis, proved many wrong and plenty more. I learned no one gives me the permission to do what I want to do. People will certainly try, but in the end I have to live with myself.


Now all I need to do is find a place to hang the piece of declaration. 

2. Cutting my hair

Not me but thought this depicted the way I felt after my cut

Not me but thought this depicted the way I felt after my cut

It's weird how this one played out; I remember one of my new year resolutions for 2015 was to grow my hair to my mid-back. I've always had long hair, but I felt liberated after completing my thesis; receiving my diploma felt good too but I wanted a change. The thought of getting a tapered really weighted on I went for it....and I love it.

3. Doing a Cleanse

This was by far the hardest thing I did this year. The first time I went on a "cleanse" I was oversees and I was kind to myself. The rules were to eat fruits and veggies whenever I wanted and to drink water, only. But I wanted to push myself this year. So I thought I would try Raw Generation. I got the idea from a youtuber known as Lexi Darcel. She went on a cleanse with another company known as The Raw Juicery. After watching the video I took a day to research a kind-taste-cleanse and chose Raw Generation. I have yet to do a review on my experience (it'll be out soon) but I will say it was a journey in itself and an accomplishment in the end; proud I did it!

4. Becoming a Pescatarian

It's been a little over a decade since becoming a vegetarian. I wanted to try something new and stuck with it for awhile; I started this in my baby-teenage years. It was not until a certain reflect on myself when I decided to change my eating and to dive into sea-food. It's been awhile since I've eaten chicken and I highly doubt I'll be eating meat again, but seafood I can do. It's odd to see this on my list but, I've been a vegetarian for so long I thought it would be 'bad' for me to be a if I were not only vege-challenging myself but other people. Stupid...I know. But making this decision, for myself, has really took a load off my shoulders. I'm proud to have been a vegetarian for thirteen-years but I am also as proud to now be a pescatarian.  

5. Learning how to Skate

It tickles me to write about this because the first time I skated was when I had participated in a student-exchange in Berlin (lovely city by the way). i slipped, bumped, fell and washed my hands with it in the end. But I decided to challenge myself my last semester in university. I had the best instructor who was more than patient with me and met neat people who had similar skating goals as I. Falling was probably the frustrating part, but skating as taught me to let go of perfectionism and to focus on accuracy and practice. It's been awhile but as soon as Bryant Park opened the rink this past fall, I made sure to go and practice some more. Yes, I fell several times. But being reunited on the ice is so much more than an awesome feeling because I fear the ice no more.

6. Stepping up my wardrobe


By no means was this easy (its was fun, but not easy). Growing up, I've never put any thought to my outfits and I basically gravitated to whatever could fit and felt comfortable. No worries....I've matured. I still gravitate to comfotable clothing but i am also well aware that matching is something to keep in mind and heels won't long as you know how to walk in them. I've been experimenting with color everywhere (including my hair) while still keeping note on the black and white basics. Your girl has learned a thing or two this year...better late than never eh? Now i have fun preparing for the next day, or the week depending on my schedule.

7. Starting THIS

i was not until high school that I realized I have a talent and passion for writing- novels, short stories, essays, anything my mind pondered on, I would write about. And after being introduced to blogging I thought, "hmmm, this is something I would really enjoy doing!". I've always wanted to start a blog but for some odd reason thought i did not qualify. I know....foolishness right? Nothing held me back other than myself, so as soon as I saw myself in my way, I moved....literally. I moved my attitude from "I'll-stick-to-reading-blogs" to "I'll read blogs sure....but I'm making my own". Feels pretty sweet too. 

So, it's not much but i like to really focus on the big picture. Looking back on my greats puts a smile on my face! Each of these actions has taught me something or another about who I am and who i aspire to be. Granted, I did not complete everything on my 2015 resolution list, but seeing my transformation mentally and spiritually makes me blessed; I am beyond grateful. One lesson learned this past year is to anticipate the best...because that is all any of us want to be; the best of ourselves. 

I hope you welcome the New Year with great hope and will, but do take the time to reflect on 2015 and see the good you have accomplished. Not completing every goal on the list is disappointing, yes. However, allow this to ring in 2016 with a stronger determination of achieving that goal...along with every other goal you set for yourself.

Stay encouraged and be blessed!