goals set...ready to achieve

Happy New Year!! Hope you all celebrated fun, well and safe!

So we all know the ritual; with a new year comes the new year resolutions. 

Now, It does not have to be the beginning of a new year to initiate a goal but given the obvious start of a new 365-days-time-frame,well...366 days for 2016 anyway, we conveniently have a good starting point for anyone who needs a set time to begin.  But regardless, I truly believe it is important for every individual to have goals...be it a new years resolution, short term goals or long term goals. Personally, I am one to take the short term and long term route and to check-in with myself within months of my goal-making list to see where and how my heart is set on whatever goals I have set for myself. I play one off of the other; so from long term (LT) to short term (ST) to long term (LT)...you get the point. Check out my key goals below.

1. Earlier Mornings [LT]

Waking up early is important if you want to get the most out of your day. I am aiming for a start of 7am where I dedicate my first hour to drinking water, devotion and prayer, leaving my day in the hands of God, and then brewing a cup of tea to set a warm-ready tone for my body (I'm not playing with NYC weather). As my tea sets I want to do a short work-out session that lasts somewhere from 20-30 (a reach) mins. After which I drink my tea and later head to the bathroom to do my morning basics. This how I want my morning to go; a nice uniform routine. It's been five days and so far so good.

2. Record [ST]

Getting things done earlier in the day sets me in a good mood, and I like to get more done as efficient as possible. And getting more things done take you closer to achieving your goals. So, the more things I do and, by God's grace, the greater I achieve, I want to record, write down and drop into a glass jar. By the end of the year, I want to go back and read all the great things achieved throughout 2016. I got this great idea from one of my favorite you tubers, Lexi Darcel, from her video here. In setting goals, we tend to be hard on ourselves and when we look back, we tend to remember all the obstacles and ignore the achievements. So i thought I'd give this goal-recording a go...I'm excited to read them in the end.

3. Schedule EVERYTHING [LT]

Yes...EVERYTHING. TODO. TOUT. TOTTO. ALLES. すべて...you get the point. Don't get me wrong, it's great to be spontaneous now and then (something I need to work on). But as a woman who's schedule tends to change week to week with a different day to day schedule, I find it imperative for me to record everything possible from reminders to where I have to be at  a specific time. Starting now will not only put me on track, but will also make me a pro in the future.

4. READ a set number of books this year...and more in general [ST & LT] 

I love to read but I've slacked a bit after graduating from university, so I made a list of books and a schedule (see what I did there...) of what book I want to read after finishing another book. Hey, maybe I'll be spontaneous and swap a book for another! Also, for those of you with the same goal (to read more), one great way to keep track is to sign up for goodreads. You can join the 2016 reading challenge and be on your way to achieving your reading goal. 

5. Live [LT]

Scheduling, recording and early morning routines are great but what I tend to forget to do is live, be in the present and be grateful. I have a motto and that is to take "one step at a time." So this year, I want to live and be more appreciative of my surroundings and my daily blessings.  

My list is lengthy and specific, but these are my top five. Whatever your new years resolutions or goals are, I hope you be set on each of them but do not set yourself up for failure but also don't state the obvious because that shows no growth. Challenge yourself. Be realistic and honest yet determined; these are your goals, your resolutions. Do not let anyone talk you out of achieving them. A couple of pointers to keep in mind...

1. stay focused

2. ignore the negative energy (this one is hard)

3. If you trip, get up and brush it off. ...it was a trip, not a journey.

4. one step at a time

5. stay encouraged. If you can picture it, you can achieve it.

With that said, let the fun begin.

Stay blessed.