Now...let's begin, shall we?

Just wanting to explore... 

Just wanting to explore... 

Hi there! You may not recognize me from... well, anywhere. I'm new.

My name is Raè, and I'm from Brooklyn, NY; a 90's born woman who takes joy in writing, reading, exploring and gaining cultural insight. More about me can be found under "the author" tab. Please...have a look!

Jumping right into it, I thought today be a great day to begin blogging. I've always told myself that I would start one day... and today is that day, hence the title of this blog post. So, as I sit in Starbucks, sipping on a lukewarm cinnamon chai tea latte since 7am (it's been awhile), I thought it best to begin a dream I've so longed dreamed of beginning.

With that said, I want this blog site to be centered on adventure. Traveling is a passion of mine with one goal in mind- 'to have a new experience!' Now, exploration does not have to be what the magazines publish as grand, ie. expensive hotels, lavish deserts, or extravagant gowns; please, don't get me wrong- these are all very nice (two of which I would not mind having myself). But, it's the simple things in life we should appreciate. For one, we are all finite- this should be a reason in itself to want to get out and do more. Personally, I want to see as much as possible. That being said, allow this blog to serve as a guide, and a sense of encouragement if you will, for those of you who want to make the best out of a $2.75 bus ride from one borough to another, (NYC MTA needs to stop with the quarterly influx but that is a conversation for another day...) or even just a walk around prospect park. The adventures between the two are different, but either one is worthwhile. 

So... it's time to set ourselves in step at a time. As for me, I am fresh out of university and ready to explore, without restriction (and by this I mean human's greatest restriction- fear).

But, without further or do...let us begin a journey.


ps... Feel free to leave a comment...or three. I'd love some feedback from you!