A pastry winter delight

You guys...I'll jump right into it.

I am in LOVE with these almond croissants from Hungry Ghost.


A good friend and boss introduced me to the Coffee Bar & Café, and I've been hooked ever since...no lie. Normally I bring the little ones I care for to the café now and again for a small treat. They continuously crave for the chocolate croissants to the point where if there is one more left (not so often), they will try and convince me which one of them is "the best." ...the power of a chocolate pastry. Apart from these two parties, Hungry Ghost offers other great treats as well.


But back to this almond croissant. I can't get enough of it! Being that I am in the downtown area more than usual, I normally stop by their café on Prospect Heights; they have a couple other locations too. I am sure I am not the only one who loves this pastry- I stopped by two days ago and found one left. You guessed it...it was mine.

pastry gone

If you are close, do stop by and give them a try. A tad pricy but I like to treat myself now and then...even if it's for my belly.

Stay blessed!