Getting over hours of jet lag

So it's been well over a month since my move to the UK. Sure, I'm still working on the logistics and surroundings for the most part. In the end, you can say I am well a adjusted Brooklynite-in-London. The not-so-tough-yet-annoying thing I had to get through, however, was indeed jet lag. But allow me to simply give my high-school-self a shoutout for helping the current-me-who-is-adulting, on this topic (shoutout to you!). Because I think I would have been a tad miserable if I did not try to conquer jet-lag on my first encounter. So after this trip and how quickly jet-lag was put on the back burner, I can say I've gotten the gist of how to get over jet lag. Here are my three tips!

H2O on jet lag

1. Get. To. Bed.

Seriously! Go to sleep the hours you normally to sleep in respect to your new time zone. I know I know, you slept on the plane and you don't feel that too. You may even feel energized (I feel, I feel you). But it's important to know, especially on your first travel experience outside your normal time zone, that jet-lag isn't always easy. And, I'm sure we aren't all happy if we do not get enough sleep. Allow yourself to sleep the hours you do in respect to the new time zone. So even when you took that nap on the plane or you are not that tired, get to bed and allow yourself to wake up early, slowly adjusting your sleep routine into the new time zone.

2. Associate activity with hour

Whatever you do in the normal hours of the day, do it! If you take a walk at two in the afternoon and you woke up at noon, take a walk at two in the afternoon. The more you associate your activities with the hour, the more accustomed you will become with the time zone. It's annoying, (trust me. I know), but the more accustomed you become, the faster you'll get over jet-lag.

3. Drink that H2O

Water is the one company to always have when traveling and battling jet lag. And if you can put in a little lemon with it, that's even better! It'll rejuvenate your body and give you the energy you need to keep going and to stay awake, especially given the new hours you are forced to become accustomed with. So drink up!

I'm sure there are plenty of steps to getting over jet lag, but these have to be my top three. H2O, normal bed time and normal activity hour. Simple and straight to the point!