Top 5 essentials every traveler needs


I'm writing this post for you and for's for the both of us. And there is a good reason why. Two weeks ago, while visiting Manchester with a university friend, we both forgot something pretty the point where we needed to borrow the utensil from our host. Sure, not so much of a big deal looking back, but let's agree to agree (yes, I said that correctly), that traveling comes with a 'must-bring-non-negotiable-list' eh? okay...I'm glad we agree. So, here are five you should keep your eye out for.


1. A watch

And I mean a working watch that you wear on your wrist...not necessarily your phone. And there is a reason for that. You've probably bared witness once or twice to someone losing their phone on a trip...and if that was the one and only way of knowing the time then... I really hope said-person is capable of telling time through sunrise and sunset. But in all seriousness, a wrist watch is your guide especially for the short trips. You don't want to be late for a tour...or worst, your flight back home. 

2. Toothbrush & paste

These two essentials inspired this post. And if you didn't guess it already it was the friend and I had forgotten toothpaste. And though we were able to borrow some, the last thing you really want to worry about is bad breath...#facts. Like I said, I am writing this for you and for's for the both of us, so I want to keep things one-hundred. At the very least, don't forget your toothbrush...and your toothpaste. Mouthwash helps...but don't forget the first two.


3. Travel journal 

If you are a writer, this is a must. I had forgotten my traveling journal once in my traveling history, and it wasn't until I found myself writing my thoughts, day events and sights on napkins that I realized my journal was an essential. It still is. Journaling can keep your moments alive and dictates your inner thoughts at the given moment. That feeling and excitement is essential to remember and keep when you do travel.

4. Camera (even if it's your me!) 

Taking pictures fits perfect if you are not into writing. And yes, okay...I use my phone to take my pictures...all of them (that's why you cannot see it in this post!). I'm a minimalist (I try to be anyway) and I invest in the device I use to take my pictures. Travelers fancy good-quality photos where they are able to look back and say 'whoa, I remember that!'. Make it essential to snap-up some neat pics and keep them for memories sake. 

5. A sense of joy, appreciation & gratitude 

This should go without saying. Weather or not you fancy writing or taking pictures, make sure to take in the sweet moments. If you are by yourself or with a couple of friends, travel with the right attitude. And I'm not talking about "this-trip-will-fix-all-my-problems" type-mentality (...that's the wrong mentality by the way). Leave and enter your destination with a sense of joy and appreciation. Be grateful to have the opportunity to go abroad and be able to soak in another culture. This is the best essential there is to have.

What are your top five essentials when you travel?