3 reasons why a workshop is a great stepping stone for growth


A little over three weeks ago I attended a workshop hosted by the UK Lifestyle Blog, Career Girl Daily. It was their first hosted workshop, and as a contributor, I thought it would be great to get some insight from the higher-ups. I had some expectations, but, for the most part, you can say I was pretty open-minded about the event. So I went ...and I am really glad I did. I learned a ton, met new people and had a mini-talk with myself in the end (don't act like you don't have the same talks with yourself...it's normal as far as I'm concerned). There are many, but I'll boil it down to three reasons why a workshop is a great boost for you to grow in your interest.


1. Networking in the know

Yes yes, I knooowww... cliche. But really, is it not true? Hear me out for a bit. There's a difference between a workshop and a networking event. A networking event is a vague capture for everyone doing anything. In a workshop, you are literally surrounded by people who are like-minded in your interests or ways of progress. Yes my dear, the specifics matter. In a workshop, you all took the time to acknowledge your path and invest in what it is you want. This point is a lot coming from me because I'm not one to typically...hmm, how you say, 'get-out-there' so to speak. And while a networking event helps you to cross reference with other people, a workshop seems pretty poignant to how you want to grow. As an introvert, personally I fell pretty comfortable and confident in this setting because automatically, I knew I've already connected with forty other women in the room. It's a leap of faith in the know, but also walking blindfolded in the clouds because you are clueless as to who you may meet, who you will connect with and who you may grow with. Still, knowing that you all took the time to invest in yourselves, it's inevitable you'll meet other like-minded beings.


2. Expand Ideas

Career Girl Daily planned and focused on growth, tenacity and being thorough in a business. We heard from a woman who stopped modelling and began her own modeling agency...which is now the top modeling agency in the UK (whoa, I know!!!). After, we heard from a woman who quit her job and began her own business designing yoga pants. Just goes to show, anything is possible if you put your mind to it. With the right questions and adequate time, you are able to really expand on your ideas, organize and attack. A great thing about a workshop is collaborating and widening your ideas. Sharing and taking-on our ideas with others helps to get a different point of view and learn from a higher-up's mistake. You never really know about what you want to write, draw upon or even just talk about until you've engaged and thought about topics you didn't seem to even care to entertain.


3. Energy to move forward

After my workshop I headed back to my flat and laid out my ideas. I am so humbled to have been able to speak with and gain insight from woman who want to expand their business and who want to begin a company. I was given so much encouragement that by the end of it all, I took hold of my new calligraphy pen (yes girl, I got a pretty neat goody bag!!), began to note ideas and changes I want to see on my blog. I will say this- the energy lasts for as long as you want it to. Period. A workshop is able to do many things, but in the end, it's up to you to do the work.


Attending this workshop is definitely one of my top highlights of 2016. I spoke with one of the co-founders, met a host of driven women and connected with people and their businesses. It's inspiring to know that those who are where they want to be, and are still making goals to achieve, were once where I currently am. Granted every road is different and I can only claim my experiences, but guidance from someone who has walked and crossed the street before I have is always valuable for little-ol-me. So I've been planning...quietly of-course. After the workshop, I needed to pause, take a step back and re-evaluate. CGD lead a great workshop, so if you are in London during a session, be sure to check them out. And if not, no big deal. Find a workshop in your area and continue in our interests! 

What is an interest you've been working on?