Opening 2017...


It's the last day of 2016, and I want to briefly write about this year. Sure, you can say I am in my reflecting-type-mood. At the moment I'm two things- one, under the weather (very very very sick) and two, visiting Zürich, Switzerland. I began writing this yesterday in Copenhagen however. There I was, seated alone in the Airbnb flat recuperating, while my friends ventured out to the aquarium our last day here. I had tea, a great book, warmth, honey and medicine- I was all set. 


Like every year this year has had its ups, downs and middles. I learned hard lessons, invested in myself, traveled, took big-girl-steps, reunited with family, stood up for myself in situations I never thought I'd find myself in, and grew up mentally and spiritually. Essentially a roller coaster so-to-speak. That's particularly it in a nutshell. And yeah, sure, I can go into detail for each, but this post would be super long, and ...well, we don't need that, eh.


But, I will say this...2016 has been the year of inherit gratefulness for me. Reacquainting myself to driving, after being seperated from the drivers seat for three years, really boosted my confidence, and I'm grateful for that. Practicing gratefulness in the morning and setting a positive foundation has changed my view and review of many days. Harshly learning that people are people, no matter how closely you think you can relate to them, reminded me of my passion, and to never lose my train of thought. Also, getting side-tracked is a no no...because disappointment will follow in that sad domino effect. More often than not, I rested on the foundation of prayer, having faith and believing that anything is possible if I just put my mind to it (I know, I know, cheesy.....but, you and I both know it's the truth,'s true). And from that came to my present stance, residing in London, meeting new people and doing what I love. I'm proud of my accomplishments, thoughtful of my setbacks and thankful for my lessons.'s been real 2016. But that door closes gently now. I'm looking forward to 2017.

And with that said, my friends have just walked in with food to help sooth my sickness. They are truly amazing. Again, it's attention has swerved. I hope you all enjoyed Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, and I wish you a blessed and Happy New Year. See you in 2017! xx