When reality really makes you check yourself...

Let's face it. It happens to the best, and worst, of us. Every situation is different but when reality really hits, it could be a good and uncomfortable feeling. Here are five situations many, if not all, of us have gone through for reality to have "check-yo-selves"

1. When you get too comfortable at work


There is always that one day when we let our hair DOWN. Stop acting like you don't know what I am talking about...you know. The boss is absent, it's a good day, you head to the office kitchen, twice, in ten minutes...we get relaxed. Yes, you get the work done and it feels great not to have someone breathing down your neck. But then, the boss is absent again. You paint your nails and catch up on some youtube videos. Your relaxed state becomes a routine and you slack off. This doesn't go for everyone, but if this relates to you, work grows and grows and the reality is...you did nothing that week but tune to Drake and window shop online. No work done? Get to it.

2. When your friend changes her netflix password

The 'best' thing about this reality is sometimes you text this friend only when the password is needed. You really want to watch something. You wip out your phone, scroll down to the last time you texted this friend and see it was four months ago... asking the same question you are about to ask now. Need I explain more? So there are two questions you must ask yourself. One, are you a good friend?...be honest. Or two, is it time you get your own netflix account, my dear?...or maybe read a book perhaps?...yes?

3. When you have exciting news...but no one to tell it to


This is a funny, yet a serious number. Do you have a friend... any friends? It may be read humorous, but let's be serious for a minute. We've all been in that place where we are in our solitude time because we need to be on our own. For some it's a week and for others the time lapse is longer. And that is all fine. Granted, a number of us prefer alone time, more than time with others. But that does not mean you cannot have friends. The two are different. Company is good- be it alone or with third parties, but don't shut yourself out from the world. Be willing to take a step and be comfortable outside your alone-walls. Experiencing something great carries a filling-feeling when you are able to share it with someone else. You not only get to share a memory, but you get to have a bond with another person you choose to talk to and spend time with. Get invited out and invite someone in.

4. When you thought you had a fifty dollar bill...when in reality it was five bucks


There are two things behind this number. You are either, one, behind on your finances, or two, stressed...very, very stressed. Number one is more common simply because money is to be dealt with everyday- food, clothes, bills, it all exists. So, to think you have a three-digit number in your account, when in reality it is a two-digit, should tell you that you should be more aware of the 'automatic payments' along with what and when the checks you had written not too long ago were cleared. That, or you should invest in some glasses...and get some sleep. Stress can do a lot. We want to see  $100 there, but unfortunately it's only $10. Still doesn't mean it can happen! Let the hustling begin...

5. When you've run out of clean underwear

Tsk tsk tsk. No no, I'm not shaming you, no. That wouldn't be cool. This, however, is a finger-snapping wakeup call to "laundry PLEASE". Too busy, too occupied, and sleepless nights lead to this. A simple solution is to keep a secret stash of undies in the corner of your closet or in your emergency pouch...wherever you choose that to be. Just...try not to let reality hit you this hard. Because this is pretty unpleasant.

I'm sure there are plenty other ways for reality to put you in check, but these have to be my top five via experience and via weekend stories from close friends over university years....I won't tell you which one is which though. *awkward laugh inserted here* Comment with which one you connect most with. I'll leave it at that!

Stay Blessed!