5 reasons why having patience is so satisfying in the end...

I may just get a bit raw when I write this post because this is exclusively from experience. Let it be known that I have not been the most patient person in the world. What can I say? I am a New Yorker ...okay, not the best excuse but living in the city does teach me how to utilize time at it's peek. Every minute counts. So learning how to be patient when I tutor, babysit kids, and even grow in my personality (my most important voyage yet!) has been a journey for me. In the beginning it's been low after low after low...and then maybe a high for a short period of time ...only to return to consecutive lows. But I am so grateful to have gone, and still go, through this eye-opening journey where patience takes the spotlight and everything else is either the backdrop or the sitting audience. So as I sit here, patiently waiting for my tea to settle (see what I did there...), allow me to write about what she, patience, has taught me...


1. You begin to realize you shouldn't be too hard on yourself. You, out of all people, are well aware of your capabilities and the attributes you want and need to work on. Having patience allows you to grow efficiently without the hostile attitude of "I-am-just-wasting-my-time." Acknowledge your strengths, adhere to your weaknesses and move forward. Sure, life get's in the way now and again, but continue to preserver. Your time will be put to good use and you will see progression.

2. You get to hear the truth of what's occurring on the other side. Don't be quick to speak especially if it's not something pleasing. Many times when we work with second or third parties, there is going to be a disagreement of some sort and when this happens the truth begins to leak, and in due time it spills. Be mindful of what you allow your tongue to say. Patience allows for you to assess the whole situation. You may know twenty-five percent of a problem and think you know the full hundred and end up saying some hurtful comments. So...Stop. Analyze. Think.  


3. You learn to make good use of your time. Having patience does not mean for you to sit, wait and twiddle your thumbs. No. It means for you to keep whatever it is you are waiting on in mind, but to also keep yourself moving forwards towards other things. When you do this, you open up more opportunities for yourself and are able to have a better understanding of time and tolerance. 


4. No more steam coming  out your ears. And when I say this I mean little to no anger. I am well aware when people lose patience they grow angry. Having patience changes things. Again, you are not moving slow when you have patience, you are simply keeping things in mind while moving onto other projects. Now, I too will admit, I get testy when I think things are taking too long, especially when I have a deadline. But, I believe when you carry patience, over time you grow the knowledge of having a back-up plan, especially when dealing within an environment one gets less tasks done, or even, depending on the situation, when dealing with others who can not be relied on. Annoying...yes, but at the end of the day we all have to do it in one event or another. So, in getting use to this, you get less and less angry and just do what you have to do. Don't get me wrong, we still get annoyed but you soon see there is seriously no point in getting full-blown-angry.

5. Happiness comes when there is a sale, and free shipping! I will pay X amount of money for clothes, and new essentials, but what makes me wait is the cost of shipping. We've all been there...let's be honest. You may think, "okay Rae, how in the world does this fit in with the blog post". EVERY PENNY COUNTS. I am a woman who fancies many things- shoes (don't get me started), clothes (don't we all?), and some treats here and there (Yes, I too have a sweet tooth). But I am also on a budget. So when I see something I like, I keep an eye on it for awhile until (and this ALWAYS happens) the price decides to decrease and ships for free. Best believe I will be a very happy woman celebrating my win-win. And this was all thanks to having patience. 


I am sure there are a ton of other advantages of having patience, but these have to be my top five at the moment...my mind changes here and there. Let me know if you are a patient person or if you are working on becoming one! Love to hear your thoughts. 

Stay blessed,