A treat on a leap day

Nothing signals "Year of Olympics" or "US Presidential Elections" other than the twenty-ninth day of February. It's been four years...but I am so glad to have rekindled with you today.

Traditionally, for me anyway, I like to do something symbolistic on the twenty-ninth where I can look back to today in the next four years, God willing, and be proud of myself...or simply notice a difference in stature or way of thought. I continued this ritual today and afterwards, (you guessed it!), I gave myself a bit of a treat. 

So with the little-bits, we headed for Ample Hills (don't act surprised) and checked out their new sorbets. "Salute" caught my eye with it's blueberry-limoncello description. I was in no way disappointed.

Salute blueberry-limoncello

I had the little one's taste it and they were pretty displeased at it's sour flavor. I on the other hand found the sourness to be pleasing. Not too sweet and perfect for anyone looking for greatness in a cup. This treat was well deserving.

A bit random this may sound but it's on my heart so I'll type it out. Doing something to better myself and rewarding the same person, moi, in the end sounds a bit narcissistic, sure. But when you know your worth and begin to treat yourself in a way that makes you feel good, you begin to know that you too carry importance. I say, or type, this because I, like many people, work hard to overcome obstacles and push away unease...but these tasks are not so easy to do. When you do something you are proud of, you deserve a treat...so treat yourself. 

So on that note, yes, leap day was a great day and I am glad to have continued my symbolic ritual and had time to briefly give thanks in the end. I salute today to you and your best. 

Stay blessed,