9 ways to self-love and enjoy your own company

Today is the day... Valentine's Day. Now, some may be in the happiest mood today, others may just be indifferent and then there are people who view Valentine's Day as a sick day. Within these three categories, and the many in-between, one thing stands in common. And that my dear friend is self-love.


It is so important to allow yourself to be in love with who you are. And no, not in the sense of being narcissistic and conceded where every sentence and thought begins with "I, I  and I'. That way of thinking will mentally self-destruct yourself. Instead, the "me, myself, and I" way of thought allows you to view yourself in first, second and third person, assessing your needs, wants and views. This allows us to pause and evaluate who we are, who we want to be and how we want to get there. Here are nine tips on self loving you as one enjoys her achievements, growing more into adulthood...


1. Be comfortable in your skin and wear it proud.

2. Invest in yourself.

3. Treat yourself now and again [a pastry one day if you do not want to break the bank, or a new type of perfume if you can!]

4. Have a plan for where you want to be in the future and make tabs on how you can get there. Goals are important but the journey is what you remember.

5. Paint your nails! [I find this very therapeutic]

6. Write letters to yourself! [Okay, some may find this weird, but try it! Talk to yourself in second or third person about anything and everything, and be honest. Vulnerability to yourself helps with self-acceptance, self-improvement and self-love]

6. Read a good book!

7. Listen to your favorite artists [Adele, Emeli Sandé, and Rebecca Ferguson are my dearest]

8. Watch a good movie

9. Take long walks and be one with your thoughts


Make the best out of today! Comment below on ways you self-love you. 

Stay blessed and have a happy and healthy valentine's day!