Looking for bright surfaces


Last week was probably the most stressful week of a good while [I won't say "of my life" because second semester of sophomore year will, hands-down, bring any stressful week to its knees...I digress]. And I was put to a great test making decisions based on my goals and aspirations and by the end of the week, not only did I feel like I was rushing myself, but I felt as though I was bypassing the little joys in life.

I needed to relax, and I tried to; praying, meditating, buying a cupcake, taking a walk, journaling, the whole bit. And while these mini therapeutic sessions do not equal to one another, they stood as my go-to for a spirit-lift. But, at the end of the day, I stood to be the problem. 

I sat and had a talk to and with myself. Yes...you read correctly. I was talking to myself... in a motivating type way. I started by asking simple questions I would ask any friend. "What's up?" "Why are you so worried?" "Did you drink water today?" "Are you okay?" And when I didn't feel like talking anymore, I began writing to myself, noting my answers. And they all had the same answer. 

"I have no idea"

...I had no idea why I was worried, or what was up or if I had water consumption at all that day. Everything in shambles. I was just in a gloomy mood.


In the end, letting go of the pessimistic feeling was what I needed to do. It was weighing me down and doing me zero good. It took part of the weekend to evaluate the root of my worries. But shortly before that, something happened.

One act of kindness surfaced.

Just one.

And like that, my week went from blah to ahhhh (you know... the angle-type-sound-effect).

It's so great noticing the simple pleasures in life. Many times we continuously notice the bad instead of the good. For me, the bad seemed to be this grey-cloud following me the whole week, but noticing the smallest sunshine really put me in a decent mood. 

So allow me to say this. When things get down, seek for the bright surfaces and bring yourself right back up. Life is too short to mope around and get angry. Don't sweat the small stuff. Stay encouraged. Stay focused. And be thankful...because real talk...whatever it is, things could've been worse. 


Stay Bless,