3 ways to value the "here-and-now"


It's interesting how the greatest inspiration can come from the tiniest of people, and by that I mean kids. As a caregiver and tutor, I am constantly carrying conversations with little people every day; lately it's been about Minecraft, what it is they want for dinner, or how homework is "useless". But yesterday, after tucking in the youngest to bed, he asked for me to stay over "... because it would be like a sleepover" (LCFB). Exactly his words. I didn't make any promises but I asked why tonight and not next week and he said "because tonight is now, that's why" (LCFB). 

I didn't even pretend to act like I didn't know what he was saying. He's a pretty smart kid and without knowing it, he was speaking to me in a kid-adult-like-way. Why do something tomorrow when now is a perfectly adequate time to do it? We all have our reasons, but its important to constantly value the here-and-now. Here are three ways how. 


1. Just...stand still will you

We all have things we want to get to here-and-there. But it's best to give your all to what is on your plate now. Stop fidgeting and stand still. The more flustered you get, the less you value the present moment. Breathe and relax. Enjoy the now and take it one step at a time.

2. If it's on your mind, do it

Seriously, the last thing you need is to have something linger in your mind as if you are a paralyzed fish and the bait is sitting in front of you singing "nah nah na-nah nah". Sometimes, our minds play tricks on us, leading us to the false belief that we are stuck. But, we aren't. If it's in your control and you can't get it out of your head, then attend to the issue. You'll carry less weight and you'll worry less about whatever the issue is. 

3. Who cares what they think?


You are your own person. Sounds weird, but it's true. Some may find you eerie, quirky or odd, but at the end of the day you have to live and love yourself. Appreciate your existence how you please- be it through fashion, makeup, smiling, laughing till you cry, your choice. Be grateful for living and treasure the unique you. If there is a stranger (and there always is) who chooses to take time out of his or her day to criticize you in whatever means they please, it's on them. If anything, you are important and signifiant to them. Who knew I was so special to the point where you needed to stop and give me an opinion I didn't ask for?! Thanks...but no thanks. 

I'm sure there are other ways for you to appreciate the here and now but these have to be my top three. I want to thank Mozi (my nickname for the kid) for inspiring me to write this post. In the end, I did not stay over simply because something was on my mind and I wanted to get it done. Still, I'm excited for my sleepover this week!

Stay blessed,