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The other day I had a discussion with some kids on the topic of queens and princesses. It's interesting how kids contrast the two. Some things mentioned were "princesses are smaller and queens are bigger" and "Princesses are spoiled and Queens are rulers." But, my favorite is what Neal said and that is this-

"A queen knows she is a queen, but a princess thinks she is"

An eight year old said that...eight. I wondered what direction they were heading towards only to find out they learned about Queen Nefertari that day, and how they wanted to watch Gods of Egypt. Still, they had the right concept, but I want to steer it to today's Queens and means towards our wellbeing.

Now, a queen always steps out. Granted, we can do whatever we want and look however we want, and yes, we have sick and bad days, but for the most part a queen adheres to her prosperity. And respecting your prosperity exudes a healthy ora, be it through tears, saying "no" or just taking a long walk. 

In short, we are all queens. So in complying with our well-beings, I want to give you some bits and treats I've been in love with last month and some I am looking forward to. Pick and choose something out of each category and do it at least once a week whenever convenient; reading on the train, being entertained while getting dressed, writing at the bus stop, drinking tea on the go, whatever it is do it at least once a week. Or, one step further, pick three-to-four things and do them one day every week. There are a couple of categories listed so if you are not a fan of one, go ahead and try another. Trust me. You will feel replenished and will love your 'me-time'. Enjoy!

Books! READ READ READ!!!! 


1. Why not me? by Mindy Kaling

Mindy is a funny person with an amazing personality. This book really resonated with me specifically because of how Mindy opened up in thoughts. Definitely a great read. 


2. Mrs. Moneypenny's Financial Advice for Independent Women

My fellow Queens, in all serious and realness right now, I must, without  a doubt, recommend this book. Be it you are in university, out of university, working, under a mortgage, whatever, we all can improve one way or another in the financial area. This book is a great read for those who need an idea of moving forward with money and becoming independent. [ME!]

3. Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes

I will be reading YOY this month, April. I started it the first and let me just say, it's a page turner. Shonda has a great sense of humor and really speaks to the reader as a learning creator.  

4. Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris 

My employer lent me this book some time last year and it's on my April reading list. But, before picking it up, I did read the first ten pages and let me say, I am well excited to officially start and finish this book of essays.

5. The Dating Game by Shawnda Patterson aka Bronzegoddes01

This was a short read for me but also straight to the point. A great read for any and every woman. I really like how Patterson did not drag out a point or get repetitive to the point where Chapter one was basically chapter ten, just disguised under a different chapter-title (we've all read a book of some know you've had). In short, the book is well put and really speaks to women, single or taken. She hits the points and subjects that linger in every Queen's mind, gives realistic examples and discusses the dos and don'ts when playing the game of dating. A page turner and a great read.


6. Jesus Swagger by Jarrid Wilson

This book I read in February and was a really good read. As a Christian, I want to be reminded of what my purpose is on this earth and how my identity resonates with my goals. A deep teaching and a conversation starter for anyone. Highly recommended.

7. La Casa Azul de Frida Kahlo (Spanish Edition) by Edwardo Barraza

I read this short book two years ago living in Madrid and I had the pleasure to be rekindled with Barraza's words just a couple of days ago. If you want to learn Spanish or wish to further in the language, I can not recommend this book enough. Beautiful written and deeply rooted.

Entertainment...feet up, listen and watch


1. Twinsters - A cousin of mine sent me a link about this story and I've been waiting for it to come out for me to watch! I'm late to the game because it came out last year but, eh, better late than never. A great and heartfelt documentary for everyone to watch. [Netflix]

2. The Politician's Husband - So before graduating from university, a very good friend of mine highly (on full alert) recommended this short-yet-stunning show for me to watch. If you like watching devious and cunning series, then this is a perfect short-series for a night in with your favorite drink and perhaps some good company! [Netflix]

3. Cooked- So, I haven't seen the documentary, BUT, from what I've read and heard from people that share a good 97% of my interest, I am confident to recommend this short-documentary-series for you to watch on your 'me time' in. I'm beginning this very know, as soon as I make the time to. [Netflix]

4. Psych- You know how people have a go-to type series (that's already ended) to simply watch when they just want to relive past memories? For many, it would be Friends, but for me it's Psych. Just...go and watch it. It's serious yet funny. [Netflix]

5. House of Cards- Do I need to justify this show? This is a series to watch diligently. Trust me..."oooohhsss, aaahhhss and whoaaaa?!" all night. [Netflix]

6. The CatchSo, this one just began. If you are going to pick Thursday as your wellbeing-night/day, then you should try and fit in this series into your night. I am a huge Shonda Rhimes fan. HTGAWM season two just ended, but I have to say, The Catch will keep you on your toes too! [Hulu] 

Beverage or Tea perhaps?


1. Kusmi Tea 'Prince Vladimir'- lemon, grapefruit, & vanilla are the mixtures in flavors in this tea...something you don't want to pass up on.

2. Peach Black Tea- for any peach tea lovers out there, this one is a must.

3. Youthberry -While on the run, I ordered this tea from Starbucks and seriously couldn't believe the burst of flavor going down my esophagus! Such a good tea!!

4. Rooibos Tangerine Organic -Yes, I am allergic to oranges and tangerines...but this tea is too good. ...Just too good. 

5. Seltzer with Cranberry juice- It's been months, but I've been into seltzer for some time and this mixture is my go-to for something refreshing. Inexpensive and well known. 

Pastries... we all have a sweet tooth of some sort, yes?

1. Almond Croissants - Hungry Ghost has the best. One will do the heart well!

2. Talenti Sorbets & Gelatos -At the moment I'm really loving, Alphonso Mango Sorbetto, Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Gelato, and Double Dark Chocolate Gelato. I can never finish one in one go, even when I am watching my favorite show, but you soon learn that you finishing it will do you no justice...because you would then have to go and buy some more. Did I mention how addicting this is?! 

3. Apple & Nutella! -My go to since day one (and by day one, I mean the first day I discovered such greatness). Love me my hazelnut spread and tree-growing-fruit!  

4. Cereal - I would be lying if I said I rarely have my almond milk and honey-nut-cheerios now and again when I want to treat myself. Relive the good times of your younger days. You'll feel good inside.

Just incase the those didn't seem to's some more


1. I had mentioned in a past post how writing a letter to yourself is so uplifting and relaxing if you allow yourself to be vulnerable to yourself. Many times it's hard for a number of us to make friends simply because our truths do not equate to reality. Whatever is going wrong or great, put it on paper and direct the letter to you.

2. Online shopping is pretty relaxing. If you can picture yourself wearing and slaying it, then you should buy it and make that vision a reality. *snap snap

3. Paint your nails! You know you want to...

4. Last, but most certainly not least is to get out. Walk, run, crawl, lift, GO! Earbuds in with your favorite song or catching up with a good friend. Either way, get out and feel some natural air!


So that's it...for now. Take some time to and for yourself and replenish how you please, Queen. And remember, not all of us have an entire day to spare, but the small times in each day will be just fine, if you allow it to. Read a book on the bus or watch a series whilst doing your makeup. Always know you too are important [I have to tell myself this everyday as well]. I have more in store for you, but I'll begin and rest with these few ideas.

If you have any other thoughts, please comment below! Be sure to let me know how you spend your 'me-time'. And I'm thinking of making this a month thing....hmm. Who knows?

Stay blessed,