Magnum + Creativity = Sheer Joy

So, I decided to take on a challenge for the summer, or what's left of it anyway, for some enjoyment or another. There's a reason why... more on that in the future. And, I have the greatest motivation ...the unlimited metro card! For those of you who don't know, a metro card is what the city walkers of New York City use to get by via public transportation. An unlimited metro is best to have if you are a busy person who jumps on a bus, train or trolley (Roosevelt Island!) to get things done or run a quick-forgotten errand daily. It's also great if you are an adventurer who wants zero limits...because $2.75 a ride adds up (that's MTA for you!). Walking is obviously great to do, but a ride will get you there faster, making the most of your day!

Today I took on Manhattan- SoHo! Personally, I love Prince Street. New Yorkers tend to complain about the tourists who walk slow, but either way the streets are super lively and there is plenty to do. It's been on my heart for awhile, and on my instagram feed time and time again so, I decided to go ahead and make my own magnum bar (mmmmm). It was so much fun...but I'll admit, eating it was the best part.

So, you have options. I'm a chocolate loving gal (proudly since my bambino days), so I started out with a dark chocolate bar. I moved on to my toppings, then on to my coat. My magnum drizzle came next, finishing off with my magnum cocoa mini-chip. Quick and easy...that's the city life for you.

And I want to add this tip, as one who loves her 'me time', I ventured by myself to magnum, but this is equally a great activity to do with a friend- a fun, super chill, laid back activity to do. The creativity isn't here for long so, if you are in the city, and not lactose intolerant (#facts), stop by  the NYC Magnum store on 134 Prince Street, NYC. You'll be happy you did.