When life gives you lemons...make a sorbet

Hey all! Hope all is well. It's been awhile, but I've been working on some new content and growing in creativity these past two months, and I can not wait to share it on the blog. I'm really excited!

I want to start out with a 'new' found desert. For those of you who know, and you should all know, I have quite the sweet tooth and an inevitable love for sorbets. I stopped by Ample Hills the other day and tried a new sorbet on the menu. Lemon Sky.

Super refreshing and light yet strong in taste. I could definitely taste the ginger but more so the 'splash' of limoncello. Highly recommended for a quick light refreshment-type-desert or a fast pick-me-up. Citricy, fun and surprising!

so good...so so good. 

If you are near an ample hills, be sure to try it!

Stay well,