Lilly Singh is hands down Ah-mazing

Yesterday, while catching up on some of my youtube favorites, Lilly Singh came to my feed and her new video Voices was recommended for me. And, it was a breath of fresh air.  

The video consists of a couple of songs where Lilly discusses injustice, fear, self-love, motivation and life lessons. What I love is her sense of self in each of her songs. She's serious and a fighter one minute, then later fun and silly the next. You see and listen to her thoughts and beliefs on perseverance and growth in Voices. But what really hit me is what Lilly says in the very end.

"It's not about the voices in our head, it's about what you do with them" -Lilly Singh

Those last ten seconds were on repeat for awhile after hearing those words because the truth behind those words stand firm. Positive and Negative will always be on opposite ends and it's only natural for us to appreciate the good yet contemplate on the bad. A habit hard to break away from, but so well worth it when you choose to value the good. Lilly acknowledges this constant battle of these voices and she portrays it in her series of music in Voices. So yes, in the end it's truly up to us to decide which voice to listen to. And the uplifting voice is the best choice. 

I value and appreciate when people in the spotlight use their platform for encouragement. Do give the video a watch and let us know what you think.