A day of posh ( pour moi en tout cas)

Still exploring Manhattan and everyday I grow more and more in love with her. I'm barely in this area, but Monday I had a doctor's appointment on the upper-east side (strep throat and hyper-pigmentation in the summer is not fun) and a couple of errands to run, so I thought to fit in some adventure in the process. On my way up town I was shocked to find a Nars Boutique (see, told you I'm barely on the east side).

Okay, so I guess I shouldn't be too shocked, being it's the upper-east side, but I was not expecting there to be in my pathway running errands. So things instantly fell in place. I am currently getting my feet wet in makeup, but I also have sensitive skin. I've heard great things about Nars and have been saving up some coins on investing in the line for myself. Weeks before, I took the Nars foundation test and was given three different recommendations- Velvet Matte Skin Tint- PolynesiaPure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer- Polynesia and the All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation- Benares. I'm not one to buy, test and return. I wanted to see, get advice (let's be honest, what do I know...), and decide. So the opportunity was perfect.

I walked in and was treated professionally and the artists were super friendly. The stylist Danielle helped me to the t. She's super nice, witty and professional and guided me down to what it is my skin gravitates to. Being that I am getting my feet wet in makeup, the All Day Luminous Foundation was not quite in reach for me. I did like the Velvet and Pure Radiant, however, Danielle introduced me to something better. The Sheer Glow Foundation. My shade is not online (see...going to the boutique is very good!), but Danielle tried on Khartoum and Benares on me and they both looked great. I gravitated more towards Benares because of my golden undertone, and couldn't be more satisfied. Danielle proceeded to introduce concealer, highlight and blush as we spoke about the city, Nars's history and how I look like Evelyn From the Internets (she. is. HILARIOUS). 

I love how this move was spontaneous on my part. It's not entirely normal for me to do something without it being in my planner, but I'm really glad I did. I loved how Danielle took care of me and how something I had in my subconscious was placed in front of me as an opportunity. And for that, I am grateful and I even left with some goodies! Danielle will do that to you ladies...and she's good. A big thanks to her!