Din-din in K-town

My niche in Manhattan has to be thirty-fourth street...most of the time. When I hangout with my friends, we tend to hibernate in the city and thirty-fourth street happens to be a repeat. It's been this way since my high-school years. Brooklynites in the city...and we love it. So it was just the other day my friend wanted to grab some lunch in K-town; Korea Way. This is our second time there together, so I thought I'd document it.

I want to say this- when it comes to food, I am a person of consistency. When I eat Korean food, I tend to stay in a box and order vegetarian Korean fried rice or Kimchi-fried rice. It's what I gravitate to. But Yvonne thought it best for me to branch out...so I took a small, very small, step out and decided to try something new. I ordered the Tofu Dolsot (stone pot) Bibimbap while Yvonne went for the Budae Jigae, aka the Amy Stew.

It could be my tummy, but I was really full, so I skipped out on dessert *sigh*. But! ... the food was really really good. So glad Yvonne suggested the branch out. And yes, I know, many out there have been well espoused to Korean food, and the fashion, and the soap operas and the music, k-pop. Relax, I love different cultures and I'm still getting my feet wet in some things of life. I grant myself that pass! So glad I tried something new and am glad to add a new consistency on my list. 

Make sure to venture out today and maybe even grab some Korean food. I promise, you won't be disappointment. And who knows, maybe you too will add something to your staple list...if you have one, perhaps.

Seriously, many thanks to Yvonne. Great food and great company.

Photo by yvonne li

Photo by yvonne li

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