Little victories one step at a time

tiny victories

For awhile I've always wanted to write as a contributor for another blog that carries many of my beliefs and view points on a couple of things- life goals, hard work, growth and personal health. Now, before I say what I have to say, some may declare it's not much and there's nothing to celebrate (get ready for the haters...they are lurking like coaches out there *side-eye*). But that's neither here nor there. Two weeks ago I was welcomed to become a writer for one of my favorite blogs and yesterday my first article for Career Girl Daily was posted. I am so happy and couldn't be more excited! Many thanks to the CGD ladies. Give it a read here. It's a great accomplishment for what it is I want to do and where I want grow in the blogging/writing world. 

And like I said, many may not understand the small accomplishments, and that's fine. All that matters is you knowing how much it means to you. And later, down the road, slowly but surely, that small accomplishment will grow into the plant you want it to be. Maybe then others will understand your dream. But for now, who cares. Celebrate, do your victory dance and buy yourself a drink (strep throat has me on me on my tea flow despite the image). Know what it means to work hard, grow, and kick-ass in the process. You got this.