One step further's crazy how time flies. 

One year and some 48 hours today, Wandering Adventurer was born. Granted the Wandering Adventurer was not the birth name of this site.

It was tip-toe. (pshh...ya ya have your laugh, moving on). The name lasted eight hours. It sounded great in the beginning, but after trying to have it register, I just could't do it. So after some brain storming, the wandering adventurer came to mind, rolling off my tongue with confidence. And like that, my new adventure was born. 

 Nonetheless, I can't help but feel grace, love and gratitude. For years, I've been self-conscious about putting my writing and thoughts out for others to read. And now, I absolutely enjoy it. The action I once feared is now something I take joy in. Crazy huh? It's been an adventurous take getting to know this site, and myself and seeing where I could take it. I now know what I am ready for. Not many may follow and that's perfectly fine. But what I do know is this- I want to take this blog a step or two further. There is a reason why the sub-caption of my blog is "one step at a time". I believe no conscious move is the worst move. It's important to be present in whatever you are doing, even if it means not doing anything at all. Putting myself out there has taught me this, and I am beyond grateful. 

So, what are your plans Rae? I ask myself this time after time. (Don't play, you talk to yourself too...yes you do). Well, a new chapter has come anew and 'cha girls 'bout to take flight soon!' And let's just say, excitement is an understatement. So yes, more adventures to come. But in the mean time, I sit thankful, present and grateful.