8 ways to take on an adventure

Something I truly believe everyone needs to do sometime in their life is travel. Doesn't have to be far and in equal value, does not have to be near. Comfort is a zone where many of us are so use to we refuse to remove ourselves from it. But being uncomfortable presents new insight and introduces a new element you may have never thought of. Either way, here are some tips and bits on how to enjoy your adventure, however you wish to-

Sight seeing behind the gates of oxford

Sight seeing behind the gates of oxford

1. Step-by-step. Or in layman's term, walk! Seriously though. This is the number one key to being an adventurer. You've got the zeal. You've got the inspiration. Now get out. Go. Though it is well understood that many people are not able to walk, they still take the initiative to get up, get ready and get out, taking on the day step-by-step. It's time you left your comfort zone and experienced some sunlight. Out you go!

2. Bike your route. An alternative, still a great way to be active and adventurous at the same time. Bike down a route you couldn't see yourself walking down. You'll be surprised and find yourself seeing things differently from somewhere as simple as a bike.

3. Be Spontaneous. Don't be so rigid! Do something different today, tomorrow or even the day after that. Take the bridge route home instead of the tunnel. Try the long way instead of the boring short cut to get to work early. Get off the bus or train a stop or two before your intended stop. Sometimes the beauty you are missing is literally right in front of you passing 

Walking the streets of SEVILLE

Walking the streets of SEVILLE

4. Challenge yourself. This is a fun number. I tend to do this with a friend, normally when we have tasks that were needed yesterday. Set a goal, doesn't have to be too serious. (It's actually better when it's not. Set out to get what you want done.) If things are pretty laid back, embrace the distractions. Similar to the 'stop and small the roses' ordeal. You'll be surprised to see what a simple day can do transforming your to-dos into simplistic joys. 

5. Say yes more! This one is Shondaland inspired. Since the beginning of this year, her book Year of Yes has pushed me to accept more challenges and try something new as often as possible. The adventures that have birthed from this simple action has really made my year ah-mazing to today. I'm so blessed to be were I am and I'm more open to travel than ever before. So say yes more!

6. Sight see. Nothing wrong with staring and pointing when you're sight seeing...from afar. Never do it up close. Ever. Never pass up the chance to see the outline of a city, town or wherever. It will marvel you.  

7. Admire. Many may not take this to mean anything, but it means a lot. It makes no sense to go and see something and have it mean nothing. Sit, stand and admire. Allow your present stance to count and do not bypass that joy.

8. Take pictures. Take LOTS of pictures! You will only be 20 years old once on the 27th of January in Madrid. You will never have that raw moment again- that very day, that very second, that very age. Take a picture. The memory is worth the cherish.