Treats and Dada


It's the beginning of sapphire month and I couldn't be more excited! I absolutely love September. From celebrating "El Día de Santa Raquel" and birthdays of close friends (Happy Birthday Mercy love!!), to getting on that Labor day sale (don't we all?), I can truly sense Fall approaching. Plus the sun is fading away bit by bit, so that's a plus. I'm a fall/winter type gal.

Lately I've been visiting cafés and different settings where I can sit and enjoy the ambiance, while getting some work done. I'm the type of person who needs a change of scenery to boost productivity. A pinch of a reason why I love to travel. So, via discovery and recommendation, I decided to give Café Dada a go. As it's well known, I have quite the sweet tooth, and I'm happy to note that Dada satisfies that, very well, with her nutella crêpes.

My first time here, I had the mint-tea lemonade, which really brought a smile to my face. I did want to snap a photo, but my phone was "too full". Whoops. Nonetheless, today the mint-tea wasn't a go (I pouted a bit..yes, yes, I did). Still, I gravitated to a chai and enjoyed my crêpe. 

Café Dada Crêpes
black and white crêpes Café dada

Walking in there today really set the mood of the next chapter for me. And perhaps you and I share that trait. A change in scenery can really inspire and ignite a sense of creativity never sensed before. It could be the opening of a new season, and in effect the close of a specific time of year. Either way, embrace the opening of a new period and take on the challenge. And as for me, yes, I'll settle for some crêpes, mint tea, chai, wifi and a smooth ambiance. All the while having ideas pour out like the rain pouring down Brooklyn today.

What more is a brooklynite to want?