Why this needs to stop...right now

Too many times, too many instances and still this is happening day after day after day after day. It's tiring and as a Black woman myself, it's pretty damn scary. The worst part about it is we don't even get to see all of the occurrences that do happen. I'm talking about Black Lives Matter. I mean...Black Lives to really matter and not for it to only be a hashtag to print on instagram. And none of this 'all lives matter' nonsense because if that were the case, black lives would truly matter and there would be no reason for an unarmed-40-year-old Black Man to get shot and tasered, at the same time, while having his hands up. How can it not bother anyone?!

Why this needs to stop...right now

I'll be the first to say that I am a Brooklynite, but there comes a point where one becomes apprehensive to say that, or even, "yes, I am an American"....because I don't like how my birth country is treating my race.

I'm all about positivity and goodness, sure. But there is a time where one just becomes so drained and tired. I have three brothers. Two older and one younger. I also have a younger sister. Fun fact, we are first generation Americans and we are Black. And I pray for the families stricken from these tragedies and that we are kept safe from harms way. The reality is, this tragedy can happen to anyone. It bothers me that we may seem like we are up to no good and scary because of the pigmentation we were born into. I don't want to be afraid to leave my fours walls for the reason of me being 'safer inside'. In other words, life is 100% guaranteed to survive inside, but 75%-80% (and please, spare me with the "Rae, 75%-80% is a bit of an exaggeration-technicality-bull-crap, because it's not) in danger if I choose to drive my car with my windows down, or rather take a stroll to the deli. Has it seriously come to that end?

It's not right. It's not fare. And many continue to not take it seriously because of ignorance or another. You can't have all lives to matter if we, the Black community, can't matter. That doesn't make sense. And for those who choose not to speak up, I get it. I'm quiet too, but the last thing you want is for something to happen to you or a loved on, forcing you to speak up or to even acknowledge the tragedies in the states. And yes, the states are physically united (Texas connected to New Mexico, New York connected to New Jersey, you get the point) sure, but mentally, we aren't. 

Geez man...this needs to stop.