10 food-chain restaurants any international student will unconsciously notice in the UK

10 food-chain restaurants any international student will unconsciously notice in the UK
10 food-chain restaurants any international student will unconsciously notice in the UK

Every once in a while a tourist should be allowed to be just that...a tourist. Even if it's in your own city. My first time here, the first thing I did was notice the different staple go-to-food-chains. And I can say it's something any person will unconsciously notice in the UK. Now, as a student, I highly advise all students to save their coins. But, for a night out or a quick sweets-stop once a week, I don't see why these places shouldn't be considered.

1. Zizzi's

An Italian restaurant great for a night out with friends. I find it to be reasonably priced and amazing filling. Whether you are in Piccadilly Circus or Oxford College-town, you are sure to find one in the UK.

2. Nando's

NYC...what's up? Why do we not have this place yet? My first time in the UK, I made it my mission to visit Nando's. Those of the EU and Australia may say "what's the big deal" and I guess it's a fair question to ask.....when you have a Nando's in your city. #WeDoNot. But if you are like me, who watch these UK youtubers vlogging at Nando's and wonder why this place has not expanded to the states, then you should try it out. Especially if you are a chicken lover. I'm not, but it was still good. Casual and chillaxed.

3. Tortilla

Very similar to Chipotle and Qdoba. Very very similar. This was the first food spot I tried my first time in the UK. I did my research and found it is from California. Still, If you like you like chipotle and qdoba....you'll enjoy this place.

4. Costa

So apparently there is a team Starbucks and team Costa here (I guess Dunkin Donuts has just been eliminated from the competition then). I remember having my chai tea latte in this skinny glass when I first tried out Costa. I first thought, "oooooh, fancy!" Then my New York senses came to me...."where the heck is the rest of my drink?!" Seriously.....down in three gulps. No lie. So, when you do try, skip the fanciness and ask for the normal cup, even if it is to stay. Still, very good place to relax or even to study.

5. Caffe Nero

Another Cafe spot to try when Costa or Starbucks seems a tad overrated. Or, if you want a different scenery. Either way, the coffee will keep you warm and awake.

6. Pizza Express

Need I say more? I will admit this though, New York does have some amazing pizza spots, so my standards are high. #perspectives Either way, this place will be sure to broaden your pizza horizons. Great for a night out with friends. Just....make sure there's not a bikini you need to fit into the next day... or the up coming weeks.

7. Wasabi

Japanese take-out food made daily, so it's pretty fresh. I'm aware there is one that's in the city. Just check out Fulton Street via the 2 3 4 5 A C J & Z train. Downstairs from the New Fulton Center Building. It opened 2014 so it's relatively new. But if you are in the UK, you'll have no problem finding one because it essentially finds you!

8. Caffè Fratelli 

A cafe that I am proud to say is affordable and ideal for the typical UK student. Seriously, the coffee is creamy and the baked goods are fresh. Out of the many cafes listed, this should be your go to. Maybe because its around the corner from my campus, but this one is my go to

9. Prêt-A-Manger

Not sure how many are in the city, but if you are around Bryant Park, NY Public Library 42nd street area, then you are very close to one. And if you are in the UK, again, this will most likely find you. Essentially a spot where you can sit and relax for a bit. The food is packed so if you are on the go, you are well on your way. I'm not  a fan of the prices but, I do enjoy their hibiscus tea. 

10. itsu

Like wasabi, a go to if you are a sushi lover. The best thing about this place is what happens half-an-hour before closing. ALL of the food made that day is sold for half the price. So when I don't feel like cooking, and want to eat fresh....this is my lane...because I'm a student on a serious budget. #unashamed

So, if you are a tourist, international student, or just want to realize what chains the UK carries, here are ten to check out. Which one seems to be more up your alley?