17 Argentine Deserts to fall in love with

Argentina is the first South American country I've ever visited. And although my cafe adventures are a must for anywhere I go, my time in Argentina carries memories and lessons I've engraved into my being and still hold onto today. The overlap of culture, family values, lessons and food is pretty similar to that of mine. My favorite overlap though.... Desert. Please...don't act too surprised. I had so much fun revisiting my cultural deserts and tasting some unfamiliar one's too. Here are 17 to keep a look out for on your next visit-

And they are huge! Look, see....bigger than my face!

And they are huge! Look, see....bigger than my face!

1. Dulce De Leche This is the base of Argentine deserts. (Americans would love this one...caramel) Naturally not a fan of caramel itself (way too sweet), but after trying dulce de leche in ice-cream form...I'll admit, I had seconds.

Argentine Deserts to fall in love with

2. Turmisu Really though, coffee pudding on the go? Yes please!

3. Alfajores A tad sweet for my taste-buds. But when in Argentina, a sugar-rush once-in-awhile is okay. (it's really not. I'm just trying to lessen the guilt). This was my pick-me-up every-other-day for class. The worst part was probably experiencing the price increase by 10 centavos every week though...

4. Helado de Freddo! This place had deals on deck, so it was hard not to swerve every time I'd pass by a Freddo. The sorbets brought great smiles. No lie. A must go when you visit.

5. Helado de Volta! Maaaan. Every Monday is a buy-one-get-one free, if you bought a gallon! Two gallons for one....what?! And, it was right across the street from my residence? This was basically the reason why I walked to my every destination in Buenos Aires (can't have gallons of ice-cream reflecting on my waist line).

Argentine Deserts to fall in love with

6. Arroz con leche This with cinnamon is my go-to at home. My favorite Caribbean desert. I grew up with in and never got tired of my mum making it in my youngin' years.

7. Budín de pan Okay, admittedly not my favorite, but when eaten, I drown in cinnamon *smiles*

8. Balcarce A province in Buenos Aires, yes. But also a type of Argentine cake. If you are a treats person, you must have at least once when in the capital. Cream on cream on cream. Enjoy!


9. Cubanitos A desert imitation of the Cuban cigars. If you enjoy wafers, cocoa, vanilla, dulce de leche or any type of filling, this treat is up your alley.

10. Dulce de batata I have a sweet tooth, but I've also had cavities that I've wisely learned lessons from. This desert was not for me, I'll admit, but, a good number of my compañeros raved about it. A jelly-like reminder with a sweet potato taste!

11. Sambayón Originally Italian, but Buenos Aires is pretty popular for their little twist in the desert to the point where this is an ice-cream flavor. This right here...comfort desert.

12. Chocotorta The interesting thing about this desert is that there is not baking needed. None at all. Yes....could be a tad messy to make but absolutely fun and wholly creative.  

13. Rogel crisps, fillings and whip. Simple and sweet.

14. Flan This custard tart. I don't remember liking it when I was younger....so I'm guessing my taste buds didn't change much in that particular category. Okay fine, I did not like this one BUT, I am hoping you will. Glad I did try it...for the second (or third) and last time. I will say, my colleagues loved it. 

Argentine Deserts to fall in love with

15. Postre Vigilante a twist to cheese and fruit. A sweet and savory desert for those who have the sweet and salty taste buds.

16. Medialunas this one has become an international desert. And you'll recognize it....you know, the croissant.

17. Empanadas Yes, this is a snack, a desert, lunch, whatever you want it to be. A jack of all trades. Two friends and I came across a super cheap empanada spot where we stopped by at least twice a week, stuffing our faces. So, so so good. #travelingandlovingfood

What are your favorite cultural treats?