7 places to try out when strolling down Court Street in Brooklyn

As you can tell by now, I am quite the foodie person and I enjoy a great sense of company too. (Just read my last couple of posts under feeding-the-belly) And when I do meet up with friends, we have a non-verbal agreement in terms of 'where to eat'.

- Is it reasonably priced? (Because we are either finishing school now or just starting work. Either way, the more coins in our pocket, the merrier).

-Is it filling? (Because we are hungry, yes). 

-Is the food good? (Season the meats and fish please!)

We've been to places that answer all, one or even just two of these questions with a 'yes'. These places range from borough to state, but! in the spirit of location, I want to give you seven places to try out when specifically strolling down one of my favorite streets in Brooklyn- Court Street. And trust me, as a woman in her early twenties, I promise you these places won't break the bank (I'm in the same boat with you...save your coins darlings!!!). Mind you this is a list I've developed over a series from months to years so trust I won't stir you wrong. So no, I don't just go out and eat for the sake of 'not-wanting-to-cook'. I'm not abut that life because I can't afford that life...at the moment anyway.

1. Joya

Three words. Pure. Thai. Goodness. Seafood, veggie, meats, pad thai or just rice, you've got it. They are so accommodating and the food is oh so seriously good. And I'll be the first to admit it- the first thing my eyes gravitate to should be what to eat, but it's usually...hmm, nah, it always gravitates to what I can afford. (Mind you this is before I knew to look up menus online...cha girl has since learned for her mistakes). But for $8.95, your plate will be overflowing and your belly will be asking for you to pack-up-the-leftovers for later. Then again, the taste of your dish will probably be telling you to keep going. A battle you will have to face when dining at Joya. No joke. Grab a couple of friends and float your way over if you are a thai food lover. You won't be disappointed. 

Darna Falafel

2. Darna Falafel

Give your girl some Mediterranean food, and we will forever be friends. Forever. Despite the name, Darna Falafel has your meats, so don't panic carnivores! This place invites you to enjoy a different culture and you feel that when you take a look at your food. When I tell you the portions are ample, it means for you to have your tupperware handy. I'll admit it, I didn't need mine because, my dish was that good, and as my mother would say, 'My eyes became bigger than my belly'. But, my friend was beaten by the amount of food set before her so off she went with her lunch-made-into-dinner. You can't beat the prices and with great company, you can't beat the memories.  

The Chocolate Room

3. The Chocolate Room

This is by far my favorite place to stop by. My sweet tooth will always beat my food cravings. I've written about this place before, and to today, I stand by it. Okay okay, it leans a bit on the pricy side on some things, so but that's when the 'treat yourself' statement comes in for some encouragement. If you are a chocolate lover, this place is sure to satisfy your cocoa cravings and more. You would think places like these would stop with dark chocolate, but nah. You have the chilly cocoa, the chile cocoa the sorbet cocoa (so good), and other goodness's to crave towards. Amazing, luxurious, and an awesome place for a friends night out.

The Chocolate Room

4. Buttermilk Channel

Okay, I will admit I haven't eaten here...yet. But a good, very good and very trust worthy friend has raved about this place. From what I've heard, I personally would find it perfectly fitting for those who are not the typical go-to-American food munchies out there and who want to have an American food experience. Oddly enough it stands out on court street because of the diversity of food and restaurants on the block. It stands as a so-say 'home base' on court street, for those who want to stay or revisit the realm of waffles and burgers. A great place to try and have a little get together be it over brunch, breakfast or dinner!

5. Frankie's Spuntino 457

Frankie's Spuntino 457
Frankie's Spuntino

Otherwise known as 'tiny-Italy on court street'... says me anyway. My two great friends and I had an amazing dinner at this spot. Lively, fun and chill- the best type of vibe for a Friday night. No lights- just candles. I absolutely love that...since I'm not about having lights on when unnecessary. I digress. The food here excites your tastebuds and the service is super friendly. What I personally love is the smell of the food being made. When you walk in, the kitchen is transparent, so you witness the creation of your dish! Oh, make sure to make reservations if you choose to check this place out in the evening time, which is actually my favorite time. It's a pretty well known place on court street and does not fail in getting packed in a short amount of time. Still, you will be sure to enjoy yourself. No lie. No regrets.

6. Nine-D


This spot, I think, was my eating spot in court street that pushed me to try the other neighboring spots. When I tell you this place is pocket friendly I give you la verdad (the truth). I tried this place with an old friend back in 2010 and... wait for it... the prices are still the same. I spent $8.95 on my meal PLUS dessert. (This is New York City...it's a good price.) The place is packed during the summer time and greets the public with a comfortable atmosphere. Lunch is super affordable and although it looks like scraps in the pic, it's not. Filling and, for those who enjoy hot flavor, spicy to your desire.  

7. Uncle Louie G

Is it wrong for me to think this place simply speaks for itself? ...I didn't think so either. The young and elderly have both grown up with this constant in New York City. Uncle Louie G is an Italian ice spot to just be. For many, if not most, it brings memories and good conversations to residents. And the flavors are never boring or bland. Seriously though, you will not find me in the vicinity of a compound of boring ice-flavors. Nah, not this Brooklynite, no. Rainbow, Mango Berry, the list continues. Flavors are constantly being birthed and people are forever falling in love with them. The ices are pocket friendly, and to be honest, they are located all over Brooklyn, not just court street. So thank you Uncle LG, for moving beyond lemon and cherry and for being so gracious with your prices even after all these years. We all thank you. *smiles*

If you give one, two, five or three of these places a go, let us know below! Love to hear your thoughts.