Why breakfast at Penelope's should your new plans for tomorrow morning

Penelope East Side NYC

Everyone loves a good breakfast. Duh. Seriously though, who doesn't? In my Haitian culture, it's customary for me to wake up and have at the very least rice and beans. It's been, and still is my favorite, and since becoming a pescetarian last year, I'll add a piece of salmon, tilapia, or red snapper to my meal now and again. But, there are times I'll go sweet and savory in the morning. Not rare. Not common. Just spontaneous.

So yesterday, Hermancina (check out the cocoa factory post of her) and I meet up to breakfast on the East Side of the city at Penelope. Starting the week off to an early gather.

And with this might I also add, there is something about meeting up for breakfast and having a true friendship that put things into perspective. My girl came all the way from Long Island and me from a non-train-attached part of Brooklyn to meet up for great company. The city doers know the travel time and the morning people know the day hours. Those two elements combined are essentially us. 

Breakfast for two! Penelope

So, like many friends, trying something new is a habit we both share and enjoy doing. We wanted something reasonable and good. Penelope sounded like something that was pretty much up our ally. And it was! The vibe is pretty laid back yet vibrant and the people are super friendly (I tend to take my sweet time with the menu, so I know the second half of that last statement to be very true at Penelope).

 I ordered the buttermilk pancakes and for Hermancina the Penny Egg Sandwich. Satisfaction is such an understatement. Bruh. First, let me say that if we had stuck with the pancakes Hermancina and I would be full. A stack of three pancakes, thick, round and plump. I ate one and devoured the berries. And the Penny Egg had Hermancina smiling from cheek to cheek.

Breakfast menu!

Breakfast menu!

Buttermilk Pancakes
Penny Egg Sandwich

Penelope is a great place for anyone or group to eat and be merry with great company. The prices are reasonable, and I think I'll be stopping by for weekend brunch soon enough. Great friends and tasty food fills me with gratitude and will always put me in a great mood. So, yes, be it in Penelope's or some other stop in any borough, do not hesitate to wake up early to great company and amazing food. You'll have zero regrets with all smiles!

B&W Breakfast for two!
Chicas con agua
Penelope Manhattan table