Why you should indulge in the calm before the storm


"You look well relaxed! You're glowing!" I met up with a friend in London to catch up a bit after a week from returning from my winter adventures. "Me? Glowing?..." Yes, sure...you could say I was feeling good about myself. I replied with a 'thank you' and smiled. The conversation was not suppose to have lasted long, but when I turned to my watch, three hours had elapsed. That's how you know you are having great conversation. And we were. We separated shortly after- she left to finish her essay and me for my studio. It was raining. I had no umbrella and a lot to think about...mentally planning my next vacation.

This post is long over do (being a student will do that!), but as you all know, I spent my winter festivities with my high-school era friends. And I can say with confidence that if Mercy and Yvonne had not visited, I would have spent winter vacation in stress. Not quite sure how things would have played out exactly but for giggles, allow me to speculate. Hmmm, probably, would have elongated my time with essays, starring at the screen more so than normal while strategically figuring out how I can get an A++ instead of an A+ (the grading system here is rather different from what I am use to). So, in other words, it would have probably been a sad...very very very sad winter break. So, Mercy...Yvonne...thank you. Granted, I am being dramatic in the sense of how I would have spent my break, however, more or less, it would have been essay centered...and that's not good. 

Zurich, Switzerland
Copenhagen, Denmark

Paying unexpected baggage fee in Zurich, avoiding London transportation, visiting the doctor in Denmark, experiencing painful air pressure flying SAS twice (never ever again. ever) and missing the Thai food restaurant by eight minutes in Paris all contributed to having a great time in on our ten day adventure. Sure, upon my return I had responsibilities to attend to...and I was still sick (this virus...side-eye). But I was so relaxed in the mist of fun, excitement and daily adventure. I came back and a difference surfaced. My skin was smooth, my breathing was regulated (...meh, almost), my sleep was full and my smile was wide.....when I wasn't coughing my lungs out. My travels were well needed.

Now, I've always wanted to plan a getaway, either by myself or with a  couple of friends. And although there was work to do, it was still the best choice and the best time to indulge in excitement and uncertainty, before centering focus on my papers. A couple of reasons why a holiday, alone or with friends, is a great idea before a big project-

Louvre, Paris France

1. You are able to think straight: Leave it...and come back. Why? Because time away from stresses of the everyday life is a must. Please do schedule responsibly with school and work in mind, of course. (I'm not suggesting you take have your flight return the day of your final...no. That's...just no.) But taking time to decompress for a day or five (yes....a day or five), can effectively declutter your mind. And I say a short holiday probably works best because it completely removes you from the setting you associate with deadlines and work. So, take a day trip out of the city or a weekend away from the entire country. Either way, remove yourself and upon return, sure, you'll be reminiscing about how great of a time you had, but you'll also be able to think straight and get work done effectintly. 

2. You feel GOOD: Really really really good. And yes, there is a representation for each of those Rs- Refreshed. Relaxed. Rejuvenated. I want to say it's a mixer of the feeling you get after working out at the gym and the feeling you get of having a well productive day...but it's not. It's different. It's fun. It's spontaneous. It tickles (because unexpected situations will make you either laugh or cry). And it's great.

Taking this picture was an adventure in itself...trust

Taking this picture was an adventure in itself...trust

3. You look forward to the next holiday: Oh yes...this is very much in effect... in full effect. Coming back feeling good about myself helped me make some rational decisions (and some irrational ones...I'll be honest). And it also excited me into planning another holiday. We three have one specific place in  mind, and I am excited about it, but I also want to stop waiting for the perfect moment (whenever that is...) to see all of England. Yes...all of England. I have my list and I  have my student and residence card...and I am ready to walk into free museums and take advantage of discounted prices....I digress. Take the time to plan another trip and indulge in a feel-good-type-feeling on holiday. You and I know, it is well deserved.

So whatever you do, and wherever you go, take time for you and your well-being. Explore. Travel. Adventure. Near or far, where would your next destination be?