Test run done...

Zurich Switerland
Zurich, Switerland

You know when the say January is a test run? Yeah, well....test run DONE.

On that note, happy February! The month of Black History, in the US, and the month of Valentine and admiration everywhere else... almost. One month done, eleven more to go. January was a great lap, and I am grateful for the test run. Seriously you guys. In the past couple of weeks, I saw the directions of where my goals were leaning towards primarily base on my methods. Let's just say they were leaning....like, LEANING. It took some time, but swiftly, I changed my means and methods of achievement. So I now welcome lap two, February. Goals still in harmony and attitude well uplifted. I never really did this, but, after altering my methods and means, I thought it best to fully investigate a word, an action or some sort of phrase to center on the next eleven months. Again, January was the test run, so based on that experience, I think I've found the perfect word for me to stay anchored on this year. Five letters. One syllable.

Bloom. That's my word. That's my phrase. And that's the aim I have set for each of my goals. Last month, I noticed that when my plate is full of personal tasks to attend to and essays to mend on, everything switches from focusing on the present, to needing to get things done in a rush-rush type action. So sure, test run done. But this does not mean I may slip and fall here and there...I'll be the first to admit it- cha girl's a clumsy person. I am the first to trip on mid-air. But after I do trip, I push and vow to get up and bloom into my existence and my purpose. And I plan to do so humbly and unapologetically. ...looking forward to what February has to offer.  

How did your January, or test run go? xx