The Rooster's Year

Taking steps one at a time with heav reluctance to rush

Taking steps one at a time with heav reluctance to rush

I'm sure many if not all of you know I am a 90's born kid practically in my mid-twenties... this year makes it my second go of twelve years. And while I don't read too much into zodiac signs, gadgets and tings...yes, tings, I do find them fun from time to time and I'll entertain myself with it once and awhile. Like now...

A friend of mine returned from Shanghai the other day from her Chinese New Year celebration, still swaying on cloud nine. She returned to a pile of work, but glad she took a break before attending to what London had awaiting her. We got into characteristic  So according to the Chinese zodiac, we roosters are honest, hardworking, talented, intelligent, flexible, resourceful, diverse and confident. I know....I know....being a rooster is pretty boom. And of course, there are heavy hints of bias and favoritism sparkled in that statement...yes, I won't deny it.

So...on that note, I am late on saying this next part....over a couple of days. But remember how I wished you all happy new year two weeks in a couple of weeks ago? I'm about to make a similar move here. Happy Chinese New Year! And to all of my rooster's out there, whether you are or will be born this year (Beyoncé's twins!....roosters!!), or whether you are aged 36, 72, 48, 12, 24, get the point. We lit. 

What Chinese zodiac sign are you?