Day of excuse & adoration


Valentine's Day, Galentine's Day...which ever you prefer...still, happy Tuesday! And what other way to celebrate than to pat yourself on the back, in admiration to yourself. You may have noticed the title for one. Sure, I made a little improvisation and mixed it with a dash of egoism. Why not? 

It may seem silly, but I personally like to view today as a second birthday to myself. Not all the time, but now-and-again I do. I haven't even reached the month where I turn 23 and 1/2, but today is a day where I can use the excuse of treating myself to something I like. A beautiful excuse in itself. A mask, a cupcake, a walk...whatever I want. Granted, cha girl isn't feeling well at the moment, so I may have to take it easy for a bit. And it's not even that Valentine's Day and I have this awkward-evade-and-avoid-eye-contact-type relationship. I'm pretty content on the fourteenth of February and I don't tend to make a huge deal of it. It's normally a day were my friends and I would celebrate each other, and make excellent use of all the chocolate in sight. Not the healthiest choice but, it is what it is.

Still, I also see no harm in treating yourself simultaneously. And, I say this out of self-care, self-adoration and self-appreciation...not out of It's easy to quickly forget about our wellbeing because of day-to-day responsibilities. For example, I normally find myself in the library with a plan to study and leave at noon, except I tend to leave at sometime around six and sometimes even later. It's only recently I thought it make sense to make sure I am well before extending myself to my to-do list (and yes, It took being sick abroad to have this idea drill into my head). Not just once-in-awhile, but all the time. Taking my vitamins, eating well, exercising (even when I don't want to), reading my daily devotion, writing my honest thoughts, and even making sure my skin isn't cracking (girl...take care of your skin snap* snap*) are essentially how I know I need to look after myself. And if you want, dashing this with an added treat once in awhile is something fine to do. I'm not saying to break the bank for a Gucci bag. That wouldn't be treating yourself...that's forgetting you have bills to pay. it's not that serious. Stay within means, of course, but also recognize yourself. So, go ahead...and use today as an excuse.  

As for moi, I'm going to go artsy-fancy on my nails, drink lemon juice and honey (this cold needs to banish), begin reading a book I've had on my shelf for days, and maybe even redecorate my work space. But for now, I'm off to treat myself to a session with a trainer...who I know will in no way go easy on me. But I know it will treat me good to some degree. And with that I say, happy day of excuse & adoration to you! 

How do you plan to spend your day today?