That one comment

That one comment

I contribute to a couple of blogs, and as a writer, the diversity of topics excite me. Advice, stories, thoughts- the whole bit. And, I've never really paid any mind to the comment section because, two things- one, there isn't much to read, and two I haven't really thought of reading them. So yesterday...literally yesterday, I decided to take a look at a post published on one of the sites I write for. I was pleased with the edits along the neat aesthetics. Overall, I was happy. There I was, scrolling down, reading what I wrote, and self-critizing my tone took me all the way to the final line of the post...which in turn lead me to the comment section. And there they stood two comments- one that was short and another that was pretty lengthy. So I read both.

Sigh...why did I do that? Any who...

I'm sitting in my studio thinking to myself "this is new!" Except it's not...this is in no way new. But, for me it was. The short comment was polite. However, the lengthy one was pointless and passive aggressive. I fund myself making an expression of pure confusion (confirmed by the mirror to my left) followed with a verbal reply of "Psh. Bye Felicia". I pondered for a good minute...and proceeded to check my emails that night.

My point is, it's pretty innate in us to give focus to negativity. One hundred people could say sweet and encouraging things to us, but it takes that one comment...that one voice of pester to produce a reaction. That one lonesome comment to bring us down. And sure this may sound a bit over the top, but it's true.

This one comment didn't necessarily bring me down. I didn't cry. I didn't pout. None of that. It was more like a fly on the wall I wanted to swap out the room, but after looking at it, I ended up opening the window to let it out when it wanted to. Still, my reason for writing this post, is to understand that this is only the beginning. Granted I've been told I couldn't do many things by people who claim to have x-amount of degrees from whatever institution,  and who sit, teach, judge do research all day. What do I do? I blink at those people, smile and say "you have a nice day"...and swiftly walk away. Sure, I'll dash a some sass in my tone here and there. But occurrences like this have happened one or two at a time. Never at whole...not yet anyway. So...when I think about it all- writing, growing and deconstructive comments...this could be all be a test run, or even a warm up before the big race.

The better it gets, the harder things become. I think the question for me is, am I ready for what is to come. January was my test run and February was the rise to my stepping stone. And I have a feeling March will get even harder.

Ready?...time will tell. Now, I may just have to think about that.