My morning-Waterloo-bridge-poadcast-listening-commute

My morning-Waterloo-bridge-poadcast-listening-commute

My commute to campus most days is thirty-minutes, give or take. And since moving to the UK's capitol, I've been walking from place to place, and that I value the those thirty-some minutes. You can pretty much say that everything is pretty much close by. Oh, and then there's the whole notion of getting lost and finding your way around. But once you've found your landmark, you are set. Easy Peasy.  

Still, in between walking, sight-seeing, working and studying I still find myself gravitating towards listening to a podcast or two...sometimes even three. Or four. Okay, you get the point. I have officially shifted from the iTunes playing in my ears, to listening to a story, a discussion or sometimes a commentary. It's been months, and my list has grown exponentially. But here are just a couple I've been listening to lately.

1. Invisibilia

I finished the episodes to this podcast awhile ago, and am waiting on the new season to begin. The podcast plays on a discussion or story about what we see and what we don't see in our day-to-day lives...but not in the way one may think of it as. It evaluates people's lives and even shocks the listener in the unexpected. There are a couple that come to mine, such as the blind-man who can see (that episode is really good) or even the women who does not feel pain and who's identity is never revealed. Do start from the beginning when listening to Invisibilia. It progresses beautifully. I just hope they come out with a new season very soon...very very soon.

My morning-Waterloo-bridge-poadcast-listening-commute

2. Modern Love

I heard about this podcast back in December, and I've listened to every single one of the stories. AH-mazing. The objective is to give voice to the New York Times section called Modern Love, where writers all over the world submit their stories of different experiences after which are read by actors, producers or people of influence. And the stories are fascinating. Sad, happy, ambivalent and touching to hear. Definitely a podcast to give a listen to.

3. Brant & Sherri

Growing up, I've come to discover a couple of things about myself- a misfit-quiet-quirky-Christian-woman. Not a classification, just a to-the-point description of myself. You can say I'm not one to "fit in"...and it's not that I try to (I don't have no time for that *snap *snap). It's just who I am. So, listening to a podcast delivered by two grown people- a single African-American woman and a married Caucasian man, about jokes, beliefs and culture make me smile and snaps me back to reality of "No, Raè are not the only one". A welcoming podcast of people from every and any origin. It's a different type of podcast, but a branching out I think you'll enjoy.


4. The Receipts

This podcast is a must for women....I think so anyway. Four woman who personifies unique characteristics that contribute well to the podcast. You are bound to find the person who you connect with the most while learning from the experiences of all four. I enjoy it so much because it's funny and I can relate to each person's characteristic more or less; funny, cheeky, philosophical and rational. 

The podcast talks about different situations in life, the experiences faced by each woman and how to go about dilemma's faced by the listeners of the podcast. Hilarious, heart-warming and a discussion to give a listen to now and again.

5. This American Life

Does this podcast need an introduction? ...I didn't think so. I question if this podcast is older than me because Ira resurrects stories that he hosts from when I was three. So, I guess that's where I'll begin. This American Life has been interviewing people and dividing into the lives of many all over the world. Also, by no means does it focus solely on the United States. One of the many reasons why I enjoy it so much.The stories range pretty wide- from a man winning a green card, to a woman who had aided American camps in her country, yet is denied to enter the United States itself. The reasons are complex and the stories make you want to clutch-your-perls. You get a glimpse and sometimes even a feel of what it is people go through in their lives. I will say, my favorite story is the "Uganda be kidding me". I won't tell you what it's about, but I will say it's something one can say is common, and pretty funny.  A must listen to...and when you do, let me know your reaction in the comments. It had me chucking all day.

My morning-Waterloo-bridge-poadcast-listening-commute

6. Three shots of Tequila

If you see me walking the Waterloo bridge smiling and laughing at myself like a madman it's because of this podcast. Here you have three, sometimes four or five, men who discuss their thoughts on relationships, women and figure out what they would do in different scenarios that challenge thoughts and beliefs. 

The language is pretty vulgar- not something I would use from day to day, but the opinions and thoughts of these men are fairly interesting but forever hilarious. Each bring their personal stories and sense of character to the table. I don't agree with a number of their opinions, what I truly appreciate is the authenticity of this podcast. Sure, they forget to introduce themselves until it's either half-way into the discussion, or once even at the very end of the podcast, but their opinions are deep and their topics are true. And my personal favorite is when Marvin says to himself "I'm gunna lose it" if there is something he (a) does not like or (b) is shocked by in a topic that comes to surface in the podcast. A podcast to listen to, be amused and give some thought to. 

7. Death, Sex & Money

Don't let the title intimidate you. Yes, I clutched-my-pearls, but then I let them go. This particular podcast is different in the sense that the host asks hard questions. Deep, personal, hard, questions that illustrate the "let's-get-to-the-deep-point" type emotions. It's story based, personal, intimate and very deep. Sometimes a bit heavy for an early morning commute, but most of the time something to give thought about and take in. A must listen!

What podcasts are you listening to?