Sites to bookmark on your laptop

sites to bookmark on your laptop

Happy March! Two months in and so far, smooth sailing. I want to share with you some sites that have really helped in keeping my eye-lids open, between topic research for dissertations, messing with my schedule and novel readings for class. If you enjoy life stories, humor, fashion, or easy go-to's for some day-to-day advice on anything, then I'm sure one of these sites will be sitting on your safari tab they are for me. So, leggo.

New York Times Modern Love

I rave about the podcast in a past blog post here. Seriously, the stories depicted carries a mood for every and any emotion. It's sad for time-sake, but two-hours of me reading story after story, can feel like two-minutes has just passed. If you like stories, writing, inspiration or something to read on a short ride somewhere, you should give this site a go.

Pure Wow

Absolutely love this site. Now that I think of it, I don't even know how I began reading this site. I don't remember signing up for them but I do remember notification emails starting to role in one month... and apparently the rest is history, I guess. Any who, this site carries a spectrum of topics on day to day articles. Recipes, stories, how-to's...the list is seriously endless. You'll find yourself clicking through the "related article" links nonstop. Don't say I didn't warn you.


It's just recently I've began to get acquainted with this site and I am hooked. And no, by no means am I a fashion addict nor am I well aquainted with the latest trend (I tend to catch up when they die out to be honest...), but the pieces Fisayo (the author of the blog) display on her site appeal greatly to me, so much so to the point where I take notes on what I'd like to incorporate in my wardrobe.

Career Girl Daily

It's not because I am a contributor to this site...okay, maybe it's a small reason why. Still, I'm a contributor here because the site is really good. A sense of direction, advice or personal experience can be found under CGD. Great tips to take note on and incorporate in your 'here-and-there'.

Hand Luggage Only

I am obsessed. Literally. The places these two have traveled have me holding my seat and pouting my lip asking myself "Why can't I do that?!".

Jealously? Hm, no. Inspired? Definitely!

These travelers are truly adventurous and a lot of fun. If you want to go somewhere but have no idea where to start, check them out. The list of places they've traveled to is vast and the activities and places to see is a longer list. If you're lucky, they probably have an itinerary for you.

Nettle & Blackberry

This is a blog site I genuinely look forward to every week. Or just every-other-day to be honest. There is something about this blog that has me gravitate to it's presence. The writer is young and adventurous, and her writing tone carries a breath of fresh air with a hint of causality. Feels like I'm sitting down over some coffee, speaking with a friend over a specific topic. And so... this site remains open on my safari tabs. Absolutely adore this one.

So yeah, I'm going to keep these tabs open for awhile. What do you keep bookmarked on your laptop?