4 steps to help you move forward when you are stuck


I've been gone for over twenty days. Twenty. Days. It's not like me to separate myself from blogging this long. I've been well present on CGD, yes, and then there are the essays that need my attention. I can make excuses for days. But to be absolutely frank, I've felt stuck and unable to move forward. 

I have so many ideas floating in my head, and if I'm being honest, I'm a tad scared of putting my ideas out there. ...okay fine, I've been terrified. And I loathe that. I loathe the feeling of being stagnant. And because of that, I find myself getting in the way of achievement, or simply just trying. But, so far, I've been good in stepping aside and opening a path for me to walk down and check-out.

Last week was one of those paths actually. After attending a couple of workshops and meeting other creative people, I thought to myself "it's a journey...". Because being stuck is still part of the story. So, though I am still in the process of pushing to move forward, I've found a couple of things to keep in mind while continuing my journey.


1. Ask the right questions

Get to the root of your stillness. Don't be afraid to ask yourself deep questions- What do you want? How can you get there? What do you need to work on? How can you make daily, weekly and monthly goals to get to your destination? Is something blocking you? This one step is heavy and allows yourself to be vulnerable with yourself. Because you never know until you ask.

2. Get Out

(I really want to start a dialogue about the movie... next time.) I find that taking walks clears out my head. The simple action of getting out and having wind hit your face does something to your spirit. Be it a walk, or brunch with friends, allow your feet to walk on something other than your living room carpet, or your wooden floors. Take time to interact with outdoors, even if it's just for ten minutes. It does a difference.

3.  Write it out

I understand that writing may not be for everyone, but I have to argue and say writing is indeed for everyone. It's crazy how writing can be underestimated by those who are turned off by it. But there is something innate and shattering, when you take the time to print your thoughts on paper. Crayon, pen, marker- whatever. Make time to get your thoughts on paper and take a look at what you've produced. It'll un-knot a couple of ties behind you being stuck,

4. Voice your thoughts

I struggle with this last one greatly. Before my friends got to really know me, they took notice my quietness. And though I enough a good laugh and interactive conversations, I have the quiet-root still embedded in me. It's going nowhere. But, I find it useful to speak about what bothers me, or even more, to voice out the answers to the questions I ask myself. It's important to speak up and allow your thoughts to have a voice.

Being stuck isn't fun...Make the effort to keep going.