Sacred for what??

Scared of what? Av. Brasília

Essays- done.

Dissertation- currently in progression. 

Projects- on the move.

And with that said....I am finally back on track with weekly posts. I can breathe. I can lounge. I am alive. I am grateful. So to celebrate, I am doing what I enjoy... traveling!

Back in February I took a leap of faith and booked a week-long trip to Lisboa. I was dabbling on the Easyjet website and came across a price for a round trip that was not only jaw-dropping but necessary to participate in, because...well, it was a price you couldn't just pass on. I couldn't anyway. (Side-note, feeling spontaneous with a credit card will do that to you sometimes....I digress) So, on a whim, I bought it. Granted I did so with some encouragement from my mother and a friendly push from Yvonne, Mercy, and Dondrey. I told Hermz about it later on, and she too encouraged and excited me even more as the date grew closer. And now, I am right now. Ya.


As you've guessed it, there are some give-and-takes when it comes to great prices for travel. My plane took off at 7:15 am...and I'm talking Luton, not Heathrow. So I had to catch the train and shuttle bus to Luton Airport. That's number one. Number two, my Airbnb check-in was supposed to be at 3 pm, but my Airbnb host was nice enough to make some adjusts for me (which I am so grateful for by the way). Next, like Beyoncé, it's just me, myself, and I. Yup. Ya girl is traveling solo on this one.

Lisboa- Castelo de São Jorge

And for awhile, I was a bit timid and scared, so to speak. I expressed this to my good friend Rimshaw and she hit me with a reply stating "Scared of what?"...and for some odd reason I couldn't answer her question. I probably knew why in regards to that odd and uncomfortable feeling within...or maybe it was excitement...maybe. I know for a fact I was dong what I do best...overthink. Doing too much of that will steal your joy. But then I remembered the reason why I booked this in February. I wanted to get out of my comfort-zone and be able to visit a country where I gradually learned, and still am learning, the language through self-taught. I will say it takes dedication and I have't been very consistent, but what I do know has helped me a bit, despite the awkward hand gestures and wide-eye expressions. I've been using Babble for months and it's really a game changer. No, this is not a sponsorship...(but I am always open to one of course! [Smile!]). I covered my excuse for this trip as a way for me to practice my Portuguese in a Portuguese-speaking setting. And voila- I'm here. Many may say it's silly and ill-advised of me to do this...visit a country, sola, and venture on my own accord. But, I mean, I'm here now so...yeah.

This is the first, but not the last, trip I'm taking solo and it's to a country that speaks a language that my feet is just getting wet in. Yvonne texted me with a "be careful" which I very much appreciate. What that really translated to was "Don't get lost"...because essentially when I'm with Yvonne, she's he GPS. #facts. But when I'm up to it, navigating here and there isn't so bad. And it's the simply worries of navigation and direction that may turn people off from exploring a new place on they own. It's one of the several reasons why they are scared.

But if you really think about it, what is there to be timid about? Is getting lost really the problem? I can tell you know, that's probably the best part. So, maybe it's the worry of something bad happening? I mean, it's cliché to say, but that could happen anywhere...literally, anywhere. Or perhaps fear springs up from being misunderstood? We are all misunderstood at least once a day...and still, we rise. Hmmm, anything else?

Lisboa Lisbon Belém
Lisboa Lisbon Belém

I'm sure there are many answers to that rhetorical question, but what I'm trying to get out say is to disallow the little misgivings to stop you from exploring another setting. It's important to embrace what sits before you when you step off the plane to explore a new country. If you are learning a new language, the best action to take is to surround yourself with that language. Focus less on how to react if someone walks up to you and starts speaking to you in the language you barely understand. Don't worry too much about getting lost because getting lost in the city should be a goal and not a worry. Create your own fun and look at things more with the view of the glass being half-full instead of half empty. And yes, that's a lot coming from me. 

My point in pointing all this out is to indicate to you that the thoughts in your mind, from navigation to being misunderstood, are all minor shortcomings from that trip you want to take. It's important that we take initiative, quite the mindless-murmurs as we overthink, and have a goal, be it to practice a language, or just have fun! Personally, I wanted to put what I had learned through Babble to the test. And in the process, I'm determined to have a great time and deal with my bank account later. (I'll probably take that back when I return to London...but for now, allow it). I'll be one to say that although it's been a little over two days, I'm really liking it here. Sure, the dude at the corner store tried to charge me an extra 10cents on Pringles (he tried it...), and bargaining with the umbrella guy may have seemed petty to some (I work hard for my money...don't judge), but these little things reveal to me how comfortable I currently am in Lisboa and how stepping out of my comfort zone can lead to great and amazing things. And for that, I am so grateful.

What are some things you find intimidating and want to do alone?