What I learned last Saturday


Last Saturday I atteneded a blogging workshop hosted by the staff of Career Girl Daily. It's the second one I've attended since the one they hosted in November. That one focused on branding and growing a business; helpful and truly genuine. You can read aboout my expereince on that one here. This second workshop for me was slighly different and specified more towards my online writing goals. It centered more on blogging, asking and answering the question as to how to grow your blog, how to monitize your blog, and utlizing what you already have, along with some small small investments, to either get your blog growing. You can read a summary of the event here.

From the first event, I knew what to expect for the most part, but I have to admit... I was a bit nervous walking into the networking room. Okay, yes, fine, I was very nervous. The event took place in the Hoxton Hotel in London, and it was a pretty neat day. After feaking out about possily being late, I caught the bus and passed-up on the 35-minute walk. I reached the event shortly before the start of first panel. As I walked towards the doors of the events, I could hear the mingling voices of the many women also in attendence for the event. That's when I made my move. And by move I mean detour. Just before placing my right hand on the door, still listening to the presense of how much life and interaction this event possessed, I turned to my right and headed towards the bathroom.

Yup...I was nervous.

I strolled into the bathroom and stared at the mirror for about ten seconds. I washed my hands, moisterized it with lotion (yes girl, the Hoxton is fancy with their bathrooms), and admired the quilted paper towels for a bit. I was doing this probably in the slowest pace you could think of while also snapping myself out the intense degree of timidity. Nonetheless, sometimes you just have to do what you have to do even in the mist of timidity. And I say this because shortly after, I ended up reaquainting with one of the co-founders of the blog and entered the networking room.


Networking in an extroverted atmosphere is still something I struggle with. And you would think a blogging event for a blogger should be something comfortable for a blogger-attendee. It sounds like that should be the case. I remember, in the first event, I felt very comfortable and much less timid. I remember noting in that post how it there is a difference between a networking event and a workshop. And there is! I still stand by that. So I wondered why this event, specified for me, a blogger looking to grow my blog, ended up influencing me to be really timid. Hmm, I think I know why.

Writing is a passion I've grown to take hold of and embrace for a couple of years now. As a creative, I'll be honest and admit that I am sensitive about my work. So the days leading up to the event, I started to overthink and feel small. Unfortunately, the feeling multiplied on my way to the event. After staring at the Hoxton mirror and greeting one of the co-founders, I found myself in a room with bloggers of different categories. And while I felt intimidated, before entering the room, I did have a tiny sense of excitement... because I went for it! I walked into that networking room...even though I was timid.

I learned so many great things last week Saturday. From using social media as a tool to broadcast your blog and treating your blog as a job from the very start, to creating a specific audience and working with brands. My notes are highlighted, colored and ready for review. But before taking those notes, and soaking up the gems of information from the presentations I had to learn (again haha) that sometimes, even in the presence of timidity, stepping out and going for what you want can carry excitement. And if you focus on that small piece of excitement, you'll be surprised as to what can come of it.

In the end, I met so many wonderful women and connected with bloggers from Switzerland, Norway, Portugal and a couple in London. From participating in a Career Girl's interview and vlogging with a young lady blooming in her creativity, I have to say that small piece of excitement really can do some wonders.

So, what I learned last Saturday really places things in perspective for me. It's okay to be timid...it's perfectly normal really. And it's a great thing to go for whatever it is provoked that timidity. It's all about taking it one step at a time. 

What lessons have you learned that's given you pause?